4 Parts of A Bathroom Renovation

A home renovation can be a smart investment but that is really only if you know what to do. For example, did you know that a bathroom remodel is one of the most complicated jobs you could attempt?  After all, this is typically a very small space where you have to deal with different textiles and fixtures as well as both electrical and plumbing. That means it is definitely much harder to renovate a bathroom than pretty much any other room in the house.

In addition, Bathroom renovations by Renovco can be among the trickiest of ventures.  While the average bathroom renovation could run you around $30,000 (or more), you may only be able to recoup 50 to 60 percent of the costs in terms of resale profit.  Still, the renovation can not only make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future, but can benefit your family while you are still living there.


The most immediate project you are going to want to tackle when it comes to a bathroom renovation is plumbing.  You probably don’t need to repair or replace any of the actual pipes, but you are quite likely going to want to install a new sink or shower (or both); perhaps a new toilet. Keep in mind that remodeling a bathroom is not like other rooms where you can simply relocate things to be more aesthetically pleasing. Indeed, try to keep fixtures near their original plumbing to cut down on demolitions. At the same time, consider space-saving ideas to make the room feel less cramped.


Speaking of saving space, it is quite important to remember that these rooms tend to be very tiny and that means you don’t want to install more things. Instead, you want to replace what you have with new items that help to utilize the space better.  You can also look at options like a sliding glass shower door instead of a curtain because it makes the space feel more open.


You don’t need to be an expert electrician to install new lighting fixtures, and you don’t really need to try adding new ones.  Simply find something that improves the dimensions of the space, especially if they use energy efficient light bulbs.


You probably don’t think about it too much but do not overlook the importance of ventilation in the bathroom.  When you renovate just keep this in mind so that you don’t hinder your existing system (or go ahead and upgrade this too).