7 Helpful devices to prevent car theft

Car thefts are common occurrences these days, despite the advancement in car security. Realising that the car is not where you parked it is a nightmare that no car owner should experience. Here is a collection of devices you can use to prevent car theft, according to expert car Locksmiths in Brisbane. Follow these tips to ensure that your car and belongings inside are kept safe from car thieves.

Alarm system

The noise alone is enough to scare off most thieves. To prevent a break-in, an alarm system is a good basic solution. You can easily get an alarm system installed on your vehicle by hiring an Automotive Locksmith in Brisbane. The alarm system will sound when someone tries to break in, move, tilt or start your vehicle and will scare thieves away. Car thieves are mostly looking for an easy job, something that’s quick and lets them get away in minutes. A car with an alarm is not something that most of them want to mess with.

Gear lock

Tough gear locks do not come with a hefty tag and as an anti-theft device, the device is very reliable. A qualified ‘Car locksmith’ in Brisbane can fix them in your car. You will be able to park your car with peace of mind if you have installed a good gear lock in your car.

Steering wheel lock

Once again, this is another cost effective but reliable anti-theft device available. Automotive Locksmiths in Brisbane always recommend this kind of anti-theft devices as they are good watchdogs. One must buy a visible mechanical locking device to lock the steering wheel to make sure no thief can break in and move your vehicle to another location. A good steering wheel lock is a great deterrent for car thieves.

Immobilizing device

This device prevents thieves from bypassing the ignition system and hot-wiring the vehicle. Some advanced immobilizes devises come with computer chips in ignition keys. Other devices inhibit the electricity flow or fuel until a hidden switch or button is pressed. Immobilize devices are also highly recommended by automotive Locksmiths in Brisbane. Since hot-wiring a car is one of the most popular methods that car thieves employ, having an immobilizing device will help you tackle this issue.

High-tech devices

For those of you with a higher budget to ensure the security of your car, you can choose high-tech devices like smart keys, high-security locks, fuse cut-offs, kill switches and fuel disablement devices to prevent car-thefts.

Tracking devices

Today, tracking systems have become very accurate, reliable and popular. But despite their popularity and effectives, tracking devices are pretty affordable. Usually, a tracking device may emit a signal to the police or monitoring station when the vehicle is reported stolen. While these devices won’t prevent a theft, Automotive locksmiths in Brisbane state that such devices are very helpful in finding the stolen car.

Etched vehicle security

Car locksmiths in Brisbane recommend etching the vehicle security number onto the doors and fenders of your car with an electric engraver. This discourages professional car thieves who will have to remove these engravings to resell the car.

If you haven’t tried out any anti-theft devices for your car, hurry and get it done today. Because prevention is better than cure.

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