Cheap Apartment Renovation Tips  

Every now and then our apartments are going to require certain tweaks. Less often, they are going to require us to refurbish them from scratch. When this happens, it’s going to be quite a ride. You’re going to need to invest time, money and effort to make your apartment look and feel the way that you want it. There are some ways to save time. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are contracting a reliable construction company. A reliable construction company will do their job in the set timeframe. A good contractor may charge higher fees, but will do the job without hidden or unplanned costs. It’s important to point out that you will need to give all of you into this project. This leads us to our main subject: let’s take a look at cheap apartment renovation tips – how to save money when renovating the apartment.

Hire reliable contractors for your renovations

Make sure to know who you are contracting

We have already written a bit on this subject, but we feel like we need to stress this a bit more. When you are looking for cheap apartment renovation tricks, you would do best if you would hire a company that you are sure is going to deliver. Therefore, make sure that you make the right choice. How do you do it? Here are some of the tricks to obtaining a contractor:

  • Ask for referrals. The best way to know how someone conducts business is to ask his peers. If you know that some of your friends did similar remodeling of their house recently, you should call them. Ask them for their experiences with workers. Can they recommend them to you? If they can, great! You might have just found your contractors.
  • In case that you do not know anyone who renovated apartment recently, you are left with internet and with your common sense. Neither sounds like a great option, I know. Still, pages like Yelp and even social networks like Facebook and Instagram can help you make your decision. You can look for reviews on those pages and they will help you decide. Furthermore, Contractors have recognized the importance of social media networks and have started using them to their benefit. By this, we mean that contractors are uploading images of the works that they had done. This way, you will be able to see the quality of their works.

DIY and save money

Whatever people tell you, there are certain things that you can do yourself when you are looking for cheap apartment renovation tricks.

For example, you could hire movers to pack your items and move them to a storage unit. On the other hand, you could do that bit yourself. Instead of hiring anyone to do the packing for you, you could get a hold of cardboard boxes andpack your items yourself. Also, are you certain that you are going to need to rent storage space? Instead, you could ask some of your friends to store your smaller items in his garage or in his basement. When it comes to storing furniture, someone’s garage could probably do.

Painting is something that you do yourself

Are you sure that you are going to hire someone to paint your walls? After all, everything that you will need to take care of your walls is a paint and a brush. Obviously, it is a hard job. It is going to require strength. Still, given the fact that you are trying to save money, painting your house this one time should be done by you.

Reuse furniture

Buying new furniture is somewhat understood when you are renovating. It sure looks nice to have new furniture in the entirely new setting of your home. On the other hand, this is a pretty expensive thing to do. Therefore, you should look to keep old kitchen cabinets for example. If you feel like you need to make them look new, you can always paint them. A new color can give a new life to our furniture. Plus, if you want to baby proof your apartment, wouldn’t it be better to do it on the old cabinets instead. Then, in a few years, you could invest in a new kitchen for example.

IKEA is your friend

IKEA offers great bargain options for almost every segment of the house. In the case that you do not want or simply cannot reuse old furniture, turn towards IKEA. You will probably be able to find furniture within your budget there.

Lighting matters – cheap apartment renovation

Given the fact that you are renovating your apartment, you will probably be interested to find out how to make it look as good as possible with a few simple tweaks. Well, lighting plays an enormous part in this. You can transform a 30-year-old apartment into a wonderful modern home just by painting the walls and putting up the right lights. The best thing about it? Changing the lights is pretty cheap and quite easy. Usually, you would be dealing with just a few wires. All that you would need to do is to connect them, screw to lighting into the ceiling and voila! Your new crib will be ready for rock and roll!

Lighting plays a great role in making a place look new, while it is not expensive


Cheap apartment renovation means that you should take a look at your apartment and try to imagine what you would like to change and where. Then, write down all of the tasks that need doing. After you have done that, take a look at the list and find out what tasks you can perform by yourself. Calculate the time that you are going to need, get a reliable contractor and you will be all set for the new chapter in your life