Different Types of Folding Doors

If you have been following the home design trends for this year, you will be well aware of how much the idea of having folding doors at home is trending. Having such doors at home not only brings innovation but convenience to your life. However, if you are keen on the idea and have been doing your part of the research, you will know that there is not one type of folding doors. There is a whole different range of them available for you to choose from.

Bi-fold doors

This is the most common type of folding doors that you must have come across too. This features two narrow doors at the center that are closed together when the door is closed. When you feel like opening the door, the narrow doors are slid open. Now depending on the design, you choose to go with, the bi-fold doors can open in two ways:

  • The smaller doors in the middle open up like any other normal door would: outwards.
  • The doors are made to slide on either side. This keeps them out of sight and helps save space as well.

The bi-fold doors resemble the French doors but are better with the fact that they help you save a lot of space.

Two bi-fold doors

These doors are similar to the normal bi-fold doors in functionality but with a slight variation. The sliding doors are attached to the hinges and slid over to one side. However, this time it is not a single fold but double one that is needed to open the door fully.

This door brings a lot of style and glamor to your house and is a definite choice if you have the space to allow its dramatic effects to roll out in full form.

Multiple folding doors

These doors are a more advanced version of the double bi-fold doors. The panels on this door fold to one side and cascade in multiple layers before coming to a stop. This means that with this door you can open up the whole door and not just a part of it. Such doors are often installed around the living room facing the view outside.

These were just some of the design differences that you would have to choose from. The selection of material is another story. You have an option to go for either one of the following options.

  • Shaded glass or partially shaded glass to enjoy more privacy in your home.
  • The acoustic glass that will allow you to enjoy the view but will filter out all the noise from the outside.
  • Glass panels with frames or without frames depending on how much visibility you are aiming for.

These are just some of the many options you can try out with folding doors. For more information, visit Debar hardware today. They deal with the finest quality of folding doors and will also ensure that the door you choose is installed perfectly in the allocated space.