Ideas for Remodeling Your Old Bathroom into Something New

Is your house in need of bathroom remodeling? Give your bathroom a boost with a little planning and some inspirational bathroom remodeling ideas. Whether you are looking for a remodel or you already know what the master bath needs, or you want to update your guest bathroom as well as the powder room.

Popular in bathroom planning

Smarter, bolder, better – these top bath trends are at the front of bathroom innovation. Whether you are looking to a step-up style or a total redo, each idea is sure to give you some inspiration.

Beautiful accents with tile

Take tile a step past the floor for a bathroom upgrade that is beautiful and affordable. This adds glamour by fitting a backsplash of mosaic tile made of glassover the vanity or take your bathroom to the next level and tile the complete walls or one wall.By using tiles that are colored, design an inflectionor accent wall.

Radiant heating

Heating from a radiant is another great feature in a bathroom, especially on a morning that is cold or when you get out of a nice hot tub or shower and step onto the tile floor. The easiest way to have this feature in most homes is to have an electric radiant mat installed under the tile floor.

Mat tied into the home electricity

This mat it tied into the electricity of the home and is controlled by a thermostat. The temperature is set at a constant level or designed to vary according to the time of day. For example, it could start heating the floor early in the morning, go off in midmorning and come on again about time for baths or showers in the evening. If your existing floor is vinyl or wood, you may want to think about having a new floor installed with tile. If you already have tile with your existing floor, you will need to remove it and replace it with a new tile floor with the electric radiant mat installed along with the tile.

Other ways for heating floors

There are also other ways to provide radiant heating for a bathroom such as a home with radiant heating from a boiler where hot water is run in tubes in the system of flooring, or sometimes, under it.

A good remodeling contractor can help you with your new bathroom.