Know about the different types of self-storage units

Self-storage units have become an ideal choice for the large and small businesses, first-time renters, homeowners, and even college students and military personnel for keeping their equipment safely in a suitable environment. Right from clothing accessories, store furnishings, electronic appliances, boats, home decor accessories, and much more, you can use these units for keeping your personal stuff in an organized manner.

These units are often required by different people for a varied number of purposes and especially when they want to store something for a short-interval of time to make sure their belongings are not exposed to poor weather and get damaged eventually.  To your knowledge there are different types of storage units Victoria that can be utilized according to your needs and are as follows:

Interior Storage Units

Interior storage units are the ones which are used inside a building by the tenants who are looking to store the climate-sensitive units inside their abode. These particular types of indoor storage units are classified into two main categories including the dehumidified, cooled, and heated or the standard interior storage units. Here is a brief description of both of them:

Comfort Cooled Interior Units:

These types of units work according to the weather i.e., they stay cool during the summers, warm during the winters and dehumidified for all year long. With this feature, you can easily minimize the moisture present in the year and provide a suitable environment for storing your belongings. For objects such as furniture, electronic items, and climate-sensitive pieces, this storage facility is the best.

Standard interior units:

These particular units too are placed inside a building, but these do not have additional temperature settings just like the comfort cooled interior units and are exposed to a severe temperature swing throughout the season. Although it is a more affordable option than its counterpart, it is more prone to changing temperatures but would keep severe climatic swings at bay.

Outside Storage Units

As the name suggests, the outside storage units are primarily designed to be kept in the outdoors and come with different functionality than the ones that are kept for the indoor use. These are available in three main categories which are listed as follows:

Drive-up units:

These units are considered to be highly ideal and are usually available in one-car garage size and are mainly used for storing boxes, seasonal items, sports equipment, and other stuff as well. The structure of the drive-up units is such that they come with a roll-up door that you can find in a garage. The best part about these units is that you can load and unload the units just by backing your truck or trailer towards the door.

Comfort Cooled Drive-up units:

These units offer the best functionalities of the drive-up units along with the qualities of the comfort cooled interior units. Just like the standard drive-up units, these also come with a roll-up function which is similar to a garage. Along with that, these are ideal for the tenants who are opting for self-storage units. These can be used to store any of the storage items that you want and have the size approximately similar to that of a one-car garage.

Breezeway units:

It is usually located between the drive-up units along the corridors and has fans to provide air circulation on either side of the breezeway. These units provide a similar convenience as that of the drive-up units but are slightly advantageous in terms of the level they are located. These units are located on the ground floor and are usually not more than 40’ walk away from the entry.


Covered parking:

Covered parking is quite similar to a carport but such a space has a minimum roof that would protect the vehicle from climatic changes and severe conditions when the weather is not right. You can store cars, trailers, RVs, or boats in such a space and have walls that would separate your space from that of your neighbors and allows you to have some extra storage space.

Uncovered parking:

The uncovered parking space is the one which is not enclosed and is considered suitable for storing boats, cars, trailers, RVs or business trucks.