Let Professional Plumbers Handle These 5 Plumbing Issues

Your plumbing system is one of the most crucial aspects of your house. Any problem with it can lead to costly repairs when not dealt with properly and promptly.

Though there may be some plumbing issues you think you can easily handle, remember that improper handling will cost you more time and money down the line. So it is highly recommended that you call an emergency plumber in Melbourne, for example (or wherever you are located), whenever you suspect or experience any of the following plumbing issues:

1. Massive damage to your water line

A small damage to your water pipes can put your entire water line at risk. So as soon as you notice any cracks or holes in your pipes, call a professional plumbing company. Do not try to fix the problem because you will only waste your time and energy. In fact, this can even lead to expensive repair work later on.

Unless you have the expertise of a licensed plumber, a massive damage to your water line is not a problem you should attempt to fix. If you do, you may end up damaging all the plumbing fixtures attached to it. The only way to avoid costly repairs is to get help from a plumbing expert.

2. Pipes that are frozen

Come winter time, frozen pipes become a huge problem in places like Australia, causing homeowners to spend hundreds of dollars. Neglecting to drain your pipe can result in leaky or burst pipes.

Consider waiting for the pipes to thaw as the temperature will warm up fast after a cold night. But remember that when pipes are constantly re-frozen and re-thawed, they become weak. So once you find any leaks in your pipe, contact a plumbing specialist right away. This way, you have peace of mind knowing that all issues with your pipes have been properly dealt with by an expert.

3. Low water pressure

It can be tempting to fix low water pressure on your own, especially when the water trickling out from your shower has become unbearable. But know that this problem can be a result of several plumbing issues.

Whether this is caused by leaks, cracked pipes or something more serious, it is highly recommended that you let the experts deal with this problem.

Let a plumber inspect what is causing the low water pressure. Apart from assessing all involved plumbing fixtures, these professionals will also figure out the best solution to improve the water pressure. Getting expert help will also ensure that you won’t be suffering from low water pressure again!

4. Gas leak

When left unaddressed, a gas leak will cause severe damage to your home. In fact, this can also result in the loss of property and life.

So as soon as you suspect that there is a leakage of gas in your property, go outside and call a Melbourne water and gas connection plumber (or plumbing experts near your area). These professionals know exactly what should be done to remedy the situation and prevent it from happening again later on.

5. Clogged sewer line

When the sewer line gets clogged, the functionality of your home will be severely affected. Using a household plunger may be a good first aid solution, but this won’t be effective when your sewer line is blocked by something bigger like the roots of trees.

Be aware that professional plumbers have a video camera that can easily be inserted into your sewer line for inspection. Also, this camera is equipped with blades that can cut the tree roots along with a hydro-jetting system that can address other causes of clogs.

So for any task related to your home plumbing system, hiring a professional plumber is a must; just as you would get a good handyman for minor household repairs.

To make sure that your home’s plumbing system is running smoothly, try to invest in an annual inspection. This will give you a comprehensive look at your drains, pipes, garbage disposal system, water heater, and other areas that involve plumbing. But even with a yearly plumbing maintenance inspection, leaks and clogs can still happen. And when these things happen, don’t attempt to fix them. Instead, call a professional plumbing company to efficiently deal with them.


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