Planning a Wimbledon Loft Conversion?

Do you need more space in your home? Or are you looking to add more value? If so then a loft conversion may be the answer, according to a building company in Wimbledon contractor,  Gary McCartney. As with any home improvements, there are a few things you need to check out first. But once you have the green light, converting that old, empty space in the loft, can bring new life into your home.

Checking if it’s feasible

Firstly, you need to access if you have enough space to make a conversion happen. You will need a decent amount of space for a staircase, this is often built into one of the bedrooms or by removing an airing cupboard.

Next, you will need to speak with your local council to check if you require any planning permission. There are guidelines to the tolerance for the size of loft conversions and the type of house. But to be safe it’s always best to inform your local council of your plans.

Employing a reputable builder to carry out both above is recommended. You will need some clear plans drawn up, and all the work will have to meet building regulations and standards for it to pass an insurance check.

Benefits of a loft conversion

There are a lot of choices and ways to customise a loft conversion. One of the main reasons for people carrying out the alteration is since it’s using space already available. You are not adding anything to your house structure, just utilising the space already available.

You can convert the loft into a spacious study or home office, another bedroom, or just an easy access storage area. You can add windows into the roof for natural light and pipe the central heating into the room too. Professional loft conversions look no different than any other room, it adds value to your home, gives you much needed extra space, and impresses the neighbours.