Pool Styling Trends for 2018

2018 is hotting up! And as we swelter in the heat, you know what that means… our minds start drifting over, thinking about getting ourselves a brand new pool. But where to even start? Start by checking out the year’s hottest trends…

Multi-colour tiles

Multi-colour pool tiles are back in fashion in a big way. Once a relic of the past, mosaic pool tiles are popping up around the country and overseas in some seriously fabulous pools. Create the glittery look at home and consider this look for in your swimming pool – it’ll give it the edge over your neighbours!

Wet edge pools

Wet edge pools are still ruling in 2018, and for a good reason. They’re a great way to cool down just your feet with a stroll around the edge, perfect for a tiny little paddle with very young children, and they just look fabulous, too! Make sure the stone you choose for you wet edge is soft to the touch to take advantage.

Combined spa and pool

Why have just one when you can have both? Having a dedicated spa zone attached to your pool is definitely in this year. Whether you choose to have shared water between the two or not is really dependant on whether you’d like a hot spa. Hot spas are generally more soothing for muscles.

Water features

Fountains, waterfalls, and clever water features not only look great but produce that very calming continuous splashing noise. Popular this year are custom designed water features, to really impress your guest. You can design these up yourself or with the help of a pool professional!

Infinity pools

For people who have great views, out over a hill, a river, or the beach, infinity pools still rule. Having that amazing view, with nothing in your way is truly something to behold when you’re taking a dip in your pool. Be wary that some councils have extra fencing laws surrounding infinity pools.

Basement pools

For those with the funds but no space, basement pools are creeping up as a viable option for those who are desperate to have their own swimming hole. These can be gorgeous, grand affairs, or lap pools, however, you will need to check up on council regulation for this one too. And speaking of lap pools…

Lap pools

With fitness more on our minds than ever before, things like home gyms are very in vogue – and so are lap pools. Lap pools are wonderful for overall health and fitness, and the length of the pool means you’re not stopping to turn around as much as you would be with a regular sized pool.

Hot portable spas for courtyards

Have a cute little courtyard and want to do something with it? Don’t want to rip up your ground to put anything in? Hot portable spas are the perfect choice for this sort of setup – whether it’s in your front yard or your backyard. A minimal physical footprint makes them ideal for small spaces.

Plunge pools

Another option that’s trending for small spaces on 2018 is plunge pools. You might have seen these babies on your overseas holidays – a little pool for dunking yourself in when you get too hot, or you get back from the beach. They’re becoming more popular in Australia now too.

Adjacent outdoor kitchen and dining

Making your swimming pool a major focal point of the yard is also trending. This means making it sort of like open plan living outside. People are choosing to build outdoor kitchen and dining areas alongside their pools, to make the most of our warm summer months.