Sliding Door Ideas for Your Home

A sliding door is a creative and decorative way to separate certain areas of your home and complete the décor for a room or section of the house. You can also use a sliding door that will lead outside, and many of the doors are made of material that allows you to let the natural light of the sun into your house. If you’re thinking of adding sliding doors to your décor, here are some ideas that may interest you.

A sliding door that will separate the den from the living room is a great way to include two decorative styles in one space. If you use the living room as the main gathering area for your family and the den as a more formal area where you entertain guests, a sliding door made of wood will make the area look like two separate rooms. You can also choose a glass sliding door so that you can clearly see into the living room when you’re in the den and keep an eye on your children during playtime.

You can also use a sliding door to separate your garden from the rest of your yard, or to separate the sunroom from the porch and outdoor area. This gives you a protected area for growing flowers and edible plants, and provides a separate sitting area for when you want to get some fresh air but still want to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Sliding doors can also separate the kitchen from the dining area. These doors are great for hiding the mess in the kitchen when you’re having a dinner party and creates a dining area that you can decorate with a slightly different color scheme than the kitchen. Of course, when you open the doors, you’ll create more seating for your friends and loved ones and make the area look more inviting. You can use neutral colors or jewel tones for the doors that will match with the décor of both the kitchen and the dining room, or choose muted or pastel colors if you’re going for a retro look.

A sliding door for your closet adds a design aesthetic that is minimalist and elegant. You can choose doors that have mirrors on them so you can get a full-length look at your outfit as you get dressed and before you leave the house. The sliding door can also separate your bedroom from your bathroom, or you can have a sliding door installed for your shower to coordinate with the modern décor of the space.

Before you have your sliding doors installed, talk to a contractor who can come to your house and measure your doorways. An interior designer can also give you the inspiration you need to choose the right colors and decorative accents for the sliding door that will bring the entire room together. It may also be best to take pictures during the before and after process so you can make changes as needed and get the finished product you want.