Spring Is The Perfect Time For Chimney Cleaning

If you need your chimney serviced this spring or summer, hire a company who has the experience as a chimney sweep in Fairfield CT as well as other chimney and vent cleaning services. At Rick’s Chimney Service, Rick performs all of the services himself and has over 20 years of experience serving New Haven County and surrounding areas. Over the years, Rick has built a network of thousands of satisfied customers, and his following only grows!

Chimney Sweeping and Maintenance

Rick’s Chimney sweeping for West Haven CT and all of the surrounding towns is be one of the first steps he recommends to properly maintain the health of your chimney. A chimney should be cleaned once a year, to prevent fires, carbon monoxide buildup, and other hazardous materials like soot. A chimney sweep will clean out dirt and flue to keep your chimney working properly again.

When to Call for Emergency Chimney Services

You should call a chimney inspector right away if you find the following: soot on or around your furnace, smoke is escaping the fireplace and getting into other rooms in your home, or your fireplace has a thick coating of soot (⅛ in. or more). With a Trumbull CT chimney cleaner, you can efficiently clean your fireplace to have a healthier home.


What to Expect From a Chimney Checkup

You should not use your fireplace 24 hours before it is inspected. Your chimney will be cleaned from inside your home and will then be inspected for structural damage. If not inspected, these structural damage can lead to further problems that affect your homes health like dangerous gases releasing instead of properly releasing outside the chimney.

In order for your chimney to be always working efficiently, you should have it services annually by a professional chimney sweeper and inspector. With Rick’s Chimney Service, see how you can eliminate chimney fires, prevent toxic gases, all while improving improving home efficiency.