Paintings are a way to grab attention; and to serve their purpose they must be kept in places where people would love to see them. But there are paintings adorning the walls of drawing rooms, living rooms and dinner which do not have the lasting impression. Paintings are common even on walls and ceilings, yet after a few visits people become used to the sight and the paintings lose their creative touch within a short span of time. Eventually when a painting becomes a sore to the eye due to neglect, it finds a place in the attic or the basement. A good painting, only due to being put up at the improper place does not have the impression it was supposed to have. As an artist, it is painful to see a hard worked and hand crafted painting get discarded due to petty reasons. Where do they go wrong? The answer lies in the fact that the best spots have not been selected based on unconventional thinking, and expected places lack the surprise.

The element of unexpectedness adds surprise and fun to the beauty of the paintings and when they are found at places where least expected to be; the surprise and the contentment attached to it is off the bounds. But what is the primary underlying criterion that separates the expected and the unexpected? In terms of painting installation locations, certain places are inevitably marked by people as the most probable places while some tend to go unnoticed. There is no appreciation of beauty without being noticed at. Understanding the expectations of people in finding the best hung paintings inside our home is the trick to making sure that no handcrafted painting goes unnoticed.

The difference between expected places and unconventional places is simple; expected places are exactly where a painting is expected to be. People expect these spots to be crammed up with expensive pieces of art. It is not uncommon when the reception of a classy hotel is adorned with a large sized painting. On the contrary, surprise places are different. These are the places where people would not generally expect to find paintings. Imagine you enter the study table and find a medium sized painting of your favourite rock band behind the door. Or imagine sneaking into the kitchen to search for leftover sweets, only to find a beautiful paintings hanging by the refrigerator. The surprise on finding a painting in these places adds more fun and happiness to the already happy mood on finding a painting. A painting is a mood booster; finding it somewhere not expected is much more boosting to the mood of the person.

Staircase walls are another place where paintings can be hung up to add an artistic touch. Staircase walls adorned with paintings is a common sight in movies and even in traditional homes and adopting these places to put up the paintings is not a bad idea. As a person climbs up the steps, different paintings come into view and make it interesting. Unlike the walls around the house, attaching the paintings at staircase is much easier as height can be changed by moving up and down the stairs. In case of other walls around the house, we may need a ladder to put up the paintings. If they are large framed, it may pose dangers while being hanged or nailed on the surface of the wall. Compared to them, staircase side walls are much more preferable.

Paintings have undergone a drastic change based on the change of people’s tastes, likes and dislikes. They do not prefer to have paintings which are already made and have a fixed subject and size.  The option of flexibility is always a priority and paintings which offer such flexibility get the maximum attention among people. This led to the emergence of what is commonly termed as custom paintings. The signature feature of a custom painting is that most of the aspects of the painting can be varied and it is up to the discretion of the customer on what he or she wants to be added or not in such paintings. The aspects are the frame size of the painting, the subject of the painting and the style or material to be used for making the painting which can be oil, charcoal, water coloured or simple pencil sketches.

Portrait Flip is one of the leading providers of custom paintings worldwide. With painting quality at par with most of the leading competitors in the same sector, portrait flip offers a diverse range of options in terms of painting styles and frame sizes. Painting may be an old trend; but with the flexibility it is quickly gathering attention even among people of the younger age groups. The best part about the paintings is that they find a certain level of satisfaction among all types of people. Be it a young kid or an elder person, paintings are a killer way to make people fall in love with the house. Frame sizes and painting styles are based on the opinion of the customer; and all of these choices are noted down and kept on mind. When these formalities are completed, the painting is shipped and delivered to the doorstep of the customer. Unconventionality is not a bad thing, and putting it into art makes it all the more worthy of appreciation.