Top 4 Facts About Your AC System You Probably Didn’t Know About

Have you ever imagined about the kind of life that we would be living today if the air condition system wasn’t invented? However, most people are still naïve about their AC units and will always contact AC unit and Drain Cleaning Houston experts for assistance even when the slightest problem occurs. Although this is a good practice, it’s always nice to learn some few things about your AC unit. In this article, we sample out some facts about your AC unit that you probably don’t know about.

90 Percent of All Your AC Unit Issues are Due to Electrical Complications

There is a myth among the homeowners that most problems they encounter with their air conditioning system are due to poor installation or fabrication especially if the AC unit was recently replaced. However, this isn’t the true since most prevalent reasons why AC units fail is due to an electrical complication. In fact, the leading three causes of most of the AC unit problems are tripped breakers, blown fuses, and blown capacitors. These are always the first things that an AC repair and drain cleaning Houston expert will examine whenever you report a problem with your AC unit.

Regular Maintenance is Critical for the Survival of Your AC Unit

If you can’t remember the last time that an AC unit professional stopped by your home to inspect and clean your AC unit, then there is a high probability that your AC unit is overworking, and it will soon break down. Extensive and regular maintenance of your AC unit is crucial for both the safety and longevity of your air conditioning system. You should contact an expert to look at your unit at least once in the spring and once in the fall.

Closing the Vent is Dangerous to Your AC Unit

Some people tend to think that closing the vent is a great way to cut down on their cooling bill costs but doing this puts a strain on your system which is dangerous. Closing the vents cut air flow to a particular room without re-directing it somewhere else. This causes stress to your AC unit and can even lead to a sudden breakdown.

Changing the Air Filters of Your System is Similar to Changing Your Car Oil

If you own a car, then you already know the importance of changing your car’s oil on a regular basis. This is the same case with the filters of your AC unit. However, most suppliers don’t stress the need of changing your air filters on a recurring basis. To keep your system running efficiently, make sure that you change the air filters at least once after every three months.