Top Steps To Improve Your RV

 If you’ve just purchased your first recreational vehicle from the dealership, you should know that there are certain cheap and practical upgrades you can make to it to make it an even better vehicle for you on your next road trip.

There are a lot of luxurious RVs out there, as will show you, but no RV is truly perfect and it will still be worth your time and money adding a few modications of your own.

Here are the top steps to improve your RV:

Enhance The Storage

RV’s already come with loads of stories, but you can add even more storage space to it with cabinets, baskets, and bins. You would also be smart to install command hooks throughout your RV as well in order to hold towels, coats, and other clothing items. Command hooks also do not require drilling holes into anything, so they are a very convenient upgrade.

Replace The Lights

Specifically, replace the lights in your RV with LED lights. LED lights are far more efficient in contrast to other kinds of lights such as fluorescent or incandescent ones as they use up less energy. You should replace both the exterior and the interior lights in your RV with LED lights, and consider installing them in the rooms, cabinets, and other dark spaces in your RV to help you find things at night.

Install A Work Desk

RV’s almost always come installed with chairs, dining tables, refrigerators, sinks, restrooms, beds, storage places, and so on. But do you know what they don’t come installed with but should? Work desks.

If you plan to get work done from the road, a work desk will be an absolutely critical upgrade to add to your RV, complete with the desk itself, an office chair, a laptop, printer, and so on. Essentially, you’ll want to turn a section of your RV into your own dedicated workspace.

Surveillance Systems

RV’s are expensive and are therefore an investment, and as with any investment, you will want to keep it protected at all costs.

This is why installing surveillance cameras in your RV that will monitor the perimeter around it and report to your phone or tablet will be an upgrade well worth the expense. You can use these cameras both while your RV is parked at home and while you’re traveling.

Portable Wi-Fi


Last but not least, if you need to get work done while on the road, a portable Wi-Fi router will be an absolute must have. Otherwise, you’ll have to plan your trip ahead to park at places with Wi-Fi connection and this can be a major pain. Bringing Wi-Fi with you, however, solves this problem and is simple to set up as well.

Improving Your RV


When planning your next RV trip, taking steps to improve your upgrade your RV will be an important part of the planning process and not something that you will want to overlook.