What Are The Qualities Of A Wool Rug

As the name defines, wool rugs are made from wool fibres that provides a bundle of features and qualities. Wools are superior and rich in synthetic fibres, they are long-lasting and not only that, the rugs made of wool are fire-resistant, dust-free and easy to clean.

The introduction of a wool rug starts from its benefits, you probably get the point. These wool rugs not only got the enormous features but also got the beautiful appearance that is enough to draw your attention. Adding to the features, wool rugs are safer and comfortable enough whenever you love to walk on bare feet.

Here are some of the qualities of a wool rug

  • Extremely Sturdy

Having a wool rug means a rug with superb performance and long-lasting durability. In addition, a wool rug has a natural grip and resistance that can accommodate all the daily activities. As a result, it is less affected by tracking marks, shading and pile compression. This also maintains the good look of a wool rug.

  • Low maintenance

As these rugs are completely made of wools, they consist a natural oil that makes it soil-resistant which means these rugs need less maintenance in order to keep them clean and beautiful. Though, you will be needing a regular vacuum that is enough to maintain the good looks and quality of your wool rugs.

  • Utmost comfort

The comfort has been defined as the most luxurious thing in the world and you get the same when your floors are covered with wool rugs. Also, wool works as an energy-efficient object that will keep your house warm. The wool rugs are a great amalgamation of quality, comfort, and appearance.

  • Environment-friendly

Covering your house floor with wool rugs is the great way to create a balanced atmosphere at home. These rugs have the ability to absorb humidity and make the atmosphere a little lighter. There are many companies that provide wool rugs with extra features to give you a wide variety of options with all kinds of benefits and comfort.

  • Biodegradable

As these wools rugs are made of natural resources, they are biodegradable. If you  buywool rugs,​ you are contributing to the natural welfare. Also, as they are environment-friendly, when they biodegrade, they produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and moisture that are nutrients for plants.

To Sum It Up

Home sweet home can even be sweeter enough when you add cosy and comfy wool rugs to your living spaces. Wool rugs are not only filled with features but also ensures a balanced lifestyle.