Your Home Away From Home

Advantages of corporate housing over hotels

  • They are comparatively cheaper as compared to hotel rooms, for example in St. Louis it costs averagely $149-$399 to book a hotel room ranging 300-500 square feet for a night. On the other hand, VIP corporate housing offers the same range of accommodation space for lower prices of about $70-$120 a night. Isn’t that a good deal?
  • The hotels usually offer a single room package while the corporate housing offers an apartment living. This brings an aura of a homey feeling since the apartment is usually fully furnished with a kitchen, a laundry room and other amenities you may need.
  • Booking a hotel room implies having meals in restaurants which often proves expensive especially if you are operating within the dictates of a tight budget.  Corporate houses on the other hand have fully equipped kitchens which you can use to prepare your meals.
  • Most corporate housing firms offer free high-speed internet to its clients, on the other hand, hotel room services do not offer these kind of services for free and their clients find themselves paying hefty internet fees.
  • There is nothing as annoying as being separated from your dear pet when checking in (95% of the hotels in St. Louis will force you) I wouldn’t want to be separated from my dog because of the “no pet policy” nobody would. Cooperate housing companies will never restrict or lock your pet out, instead they will provide a home for you and your pet.

Corporate housing in St. Louis business venture has become very popular credited by the above merits it enjoys over regular hotels. This sector of the economy has flourished over the years creating various employment opportunities for the residents.

2 most popular Corporate Houses in St. Louis

  • Westport Cove Condos. This is a home away from home is located in 1607 Westport Cove lane St. Louis. These are luxurious condos that are fully furnished and fitted with a kitchen and a fitness centre. The prices vary according to the square footage of the condos. This is definitely the place to stay while visiting Westport. Contact (314) 656-6659.
  • Metro corporate suits.  Located in 4535 Forest Park Avenue St. Louis, Mo63108 is unique in its own way. Its location is suitable for work since you can just walk to the offices which are a short distance away. The suits are classy and stylish with designer furnishings, reserved garage, high-speed internet, swimming pools, housekeeping, grocery services, gym, spa, tennis courts and many other interesting facilities. The suits have baby furniture to accommodate families with babies. Last but not least they allow pets (cats and dogs) and even have kennels for them.