Crucial Factors To Consider When Building A Pond

A pond is a wonderful element to add to your garden or backyard. Whether it’s the sound of the trickling water or the decorative additions, there’s something so relaxing and soothing about a pond.

When building a pond, however, it’s a lot less relaxing and more stressful unless you have a skilled landscape design Eastern Suburbs from Amico to help you. There are lots of factors that go into making a pond, and it’s important to fully understand the different aspects before you jump right into the project. Apart from that, you need to have a timeline and enough budget to ensure that your plan flows smoothly.

To make sure that you’re prepared for the project, we’ve compiled a list below that comprises of the top factors you need to consider when building a pond.

  • The Optimum Location

One of the top ways you can differentiate a pond made by a PRO vs. a DIY project is if it is located on the right site. A pond needs to be situated in an ideal spot where it gets at least six hours of sun each day. Apart from that, a splash of shade is also best to help keep the water cool while controlling algae. It’s also crucial not to place the pond under overhanging trees to avoid leaves or fruits dropping and eventually clogging the system.

  • The Right Size

Although you can customize your pond to your liking, certain sizes are more common, especially when you have to take into consideration the other factors of building it. You also need to think about whether or not you want to have fish as well as the plants you want to incorporate in the pond. In general, an average pond size is about 16 x 11 feet, and it can hold roughly 2,000 gallons of water.

  • The Price Tag

Building a pond can get pretty expensive, but it all depends on how large you want it and the other elements you want. If you want to save on cash, you can find a DIY kit from garden shops and build it yourself. However, you’ll need professional gardening services Bondi from Amico if you want a pond that will truly impress.

  • Requirements

A pond requires a lot of elements, but the most important ones are water and power to sustain its structure and hygiene. Although you can top off a smaller pond, you’ll need a pump and a GFCI outlet if the pond is larger.

  • The Perfect Plants

A pond is a nice way to play around with different types of plants such as floating, submerged, and bog plants. Ask your local nursery for their best picks for pond plants.

  • Fish Tales

If you want your pond to house fish, make sure that it’s at least 24 inches deep to prevent them from overheating in summer or freezing in winter.

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Final Word

Building a pond may take work in the beginning, but it surely provides stress-relieving factors you can enjoy for as long as you can maintain it. Make sure to consult a professional either way so you get the best advice and build the perfect pond for your home.