Dark Interiors With Stylish Sparks Of Interest

Dark Interiors With Stylish Sparks Of Interest

  • May 1, 2023

If you’re a fan of intense moods and modern aesthetics, a dark decor scheme might be your cup of tea. However, all-black or all-grey interiors can quickly become uninspiring without some sparks of interest to liven them up. In this article, we explore two inspirational homes that showcase how stylish splashes can emerge from the shadows of dark interiors, continually engaging the eye and the imagination.

The first featured home is a modern apartment with an open layout. Lattice panels add bold texture and clear zoning to the living space, while designer lighting installations make shapely interludes. The lattice framework is repeated in the open-plan kitchen arrangement, where it styles a unique extraction hood. A large, modern bookcase is fused with lattice panels to make a light-permeable room divider between the living room and the hallway.

A sleek floor lamp teamed with a comfortable lounge chair makes for a perfect reading area, while modular sofa sections are broken apart to receive an arrangement of round coffee tables and a slender side table. Modern artwork makes a focal point behind the assortment of tables, and coffee table books, candles, and a large glass vase make up small, stylish centrepieces. Two large and distinctive living room pendant lights descend upon the table grouping, setting the tone for the entire room.

Heavy black Venetian blinds and dark grey drapes dress the large living room windows, and walnut effect panels darkly texture the TV wall. The formal dining area is wrapped by an L-shaped kitchen installation, and a contemporary linear pendant light hangs above the marble dining table. Modern dining chairs seat up to five people, with the fourth edge of the dining table left without a seat allocation to open up the kitchen floor space.

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The walnut kitchen design ties in with the wood-clad TV wall, while a light grey stone backsplash defines the kitchen from its dark backdrop. The single line of open kitchen shelving and an LED strip make an illuminated statement wall, also providing helpful task lighting over the kitchen sink. In this 110-square-metre apartment, a dark grey and black decor scheme is cut through with rich brown accents that add warmth to the space.

In the second home, luxe marble elements build high-end appeal, while brown accents add heat to the cool black and grey backdrop. In the living room, a plush brown lounge chair by the modern fireplace creates a cosy relaxation spot, with brown scatter cushions breaking up the grey sofa upholstery. A decorative bowl places the brown accent onto a grey coffee table at the centre of the room, and the light grey coffee table is teamed with a black counterpart for appealing contrast.

The modern fireplace flames across a long, linear hearth, with black marble panels rising behind it to create a luxe statement wall. In the open home entryway, flooring switches from grey-hued wood laminate to large-format grey tiles, with a custom-cut full-length mirror adding light and a spacious feel to the compact area. A textured stone dining table is matched by black stone cladding around the window reveal, while six modern dining chairs surround the black table with rich brown accents.

An oversized dining table pendant light makes a big statement, while in the black kitchen, wine glass display shelves are lined with LED strips to create a bright column of light. Two black bar stools pull up to the kitchen peninsula to fashion a breakfast bar, and a contemporary linear pendant light draws an electrifying feature overhead.

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In the master suite, an upholstered bed is backed with a black marble headboard wall, with a bedroom pendant light spotlighting the natural vein in the stone. A brown bedside table contrasts warmly with the black marble background, with modern artwork leading the brown accent colour around the room perimeter. A glass room partition divides the bedroom from a home workspace, with a wooden desk and a black desk chair fitting snugly into the narrow home office. Built-in cabinets and shelving make smart use of an awkward alcove.

In the bathroom, black storage units meld with black textured wall tiles, while muted yellow accents brighten the dark space without appearing jarring. Smaller wall tiles build new texture around the bathroom vanity area, with an adjustable wall light providing task lighting where needed. The guest bathroom has a lighter aesthetic, with black and white decor combined to create sharp definition. Both homes showcase how to use dark interiors to create a modern, stylish and functional living space.