Estate Agents Round Up Unique Buildings Many are Interested in Buying as a Home

There are an increasing number of home buyers these days that are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Hollywood films, in fact, have directed attention to turning unlikely buildings into comfortable and charming homes.

According to seasoned estate agents in Bolton locals turn to for professional real estate advice, this growing trend is a positive one.

  • Firstly, it provides more options to homebuyers.
  • Secondly, it restores value to old buildings with impressive structural integrity, decreasing the need for new construction which always leaves an environmental impact.
  • Thirdly, unlikely homes actually fit the creative lifestyle a lot of people have.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a new home and you want a bigger variety of options, do not limit your selection to conventional residential structures. Other properties may surprise you and meet your specific requirements better.

To provide you an idea of the properties that can make good alternative options for a house, here are five of the unusual building types that some creative and enterprising property buyers are considering for a future home move:

1. Old churches

There has been a spike in abandoned churches in the last 20 years or so. A lot of religious organizations have decided to amalgamate their operations in  small communities by holding joint meetings and services.

Charming old-fashioned chapels with their big windows attract a lot of home buyers. This should not come as a surprise as not only are these structures spacious, they also possess stylish details that some people may like. Plus, because of the ample space available, they are often easy to customize according to the functional requirements of property buyers.

2. Stables

These are actually quite popular options in European countries like France, Belgium, Portugal, and others.

Stables are transformed into comfortable bachelor pads and affordable family homes. Kirsten Dirksen, the director, and producer of “We the Tiny House People” brought to the attention of many the amazing possibilities stables have as a home.

Structurally, a stable is quite similar to a traditional home. Therefore, it provides a good base size and shape to create a house for one, two or three people. And because stables have such a basic form, they tend to be quite affordable.

3. Greenhouses

Old structures made of glass or polycarbonate sheets used for growing plants are also becoming popular property investments for people looking for a home.

These are perfect for those who are looking for contemporary fixer-uppers. Work needs to be done, though, to make a greenhouse comfortably livable and structurally secure.

A lot of people simply enjoy the sophisticated appearance of greenhouses.

In the case of property owners Amy and Rob Macmillan of Rhode Island who have been featured in residential design publications, they love that their greenhouse home is “eco-cozy.” Natural light flows in easily and they get to enjoy the colorful landscape around them all the time even if they stay indoors.

4. Warehouses

These large buildings make big modern homes for a lot of folks and they are ideal for artsy homebuyers who enjoy the industrial feel and all the design possibilities of warehouses.

Due to the large amount of space that comes with warehouses, they make great homes for big families or people with home-based businesses.

5. Lighthouses

Anybody who has seen the movie, “Yours, Mine & Ours” knows that a lighthouse can make for a lovely home. Even the narrow ones hold a lot of promise for a homebuyer with plenty of imagination. However, due to the strategic location of most lighthouses, those on the market can be rather pricey.

But, if you want a dwelling place that provides you with a fabulous  panoramic view of the sea, a lighthouse is certainly a fantastic real estate investment option to consider.

These unusual property offerings always need a bit of fixing to become livable especially the abandoned ones.

But, once you get them cleaned by a professional cleaning service, repaired, and furnished, you will delight in the amount of potential the property holds in creating the life that you can find great joy in.


Sally Jones is a Director and Co-Founder of The Purple Property Shop, an award-winning estate agent serving Bolton, Bury and the surrounding areas of North West England. The Purple Property Shop was founded in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of Bolton’s leading estate agents, specialising in residential property sales, property lettings and management.