is bob from bob\’s discount furniture dead

  • April 15, 2023

Is Bob from Bob’s Discount Furniture really dead?

The rumor mill

In recent years, there has been a persistent rumor circulating online that Bob Kaufman, the founder of Bob’s Discount Furniture, has passed away. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. In fact, Bob Kaufman is very much alive, as confirmed by the company’s own website and social media accounts.

But where did this rumor come from, and why has it persisted for so long? There are a few potential explanations. One possibility is that the rumor is a result of confusion with another Bob Kaufman, who was a prominent figure in the Beat Generation literary movement of the 1950s and ’60s. This Bob Kaufman did indeed pass away in 1986, which could have led some people to assume that the Bob Kaufman associated with Bob’s Discount Furniture had also died.

Another possibility is that the rumor is a deliberate hoax or prank perpetuated by internet trolls. Unfortunately, the internet is rife with misinformation, and it can be difficult to differentiate fact from fiction. Whatever the cause, it’s important to note that there is no credible evidence to suggest that Bob Kaufman has passed away.

The life of Bob Kaufman

Now that we’ve established that Bob Kaufman is alive and well, let’s take a closer look at his life and career. Bob’s Discount Furniture was founded in 1991 by Bob Kaufman, who had previously worked in the furniture industry for over 30 years. The first Bob’s Discount Furniture store opened in Newington, Connecticut, and the company has since expanded to more than 140 locations across the United States.

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Bob’s Discount Furniture is known for its affordable prices and quirky advertising campaigns, which often feature Bob Kaufman himself. In these commercials, Kaufman is portrayed as a lovable and relatable everyman, who understands the struggles of the average American consumer. He often promotes the “Bob’s Way” of doing business, which emphasizes honesty, transparency, and a no-nonsense approach to furniture sales.

Bob Kaufman has been recognized for his contributions to the furniture industry, winning numerous awards and accolades over the years. In 2006, he was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry. In 2013, he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for New England, which recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who have shown innovation and leadership in their fields.

Throughout his career, Bob Kaufman has remained committed to his vision of providing high-quality furniture at affordable prices. He has also been known for his philanthropic work, donating millions of dollars to various charitable causes over the years.


Q: Is Bob Kaufman really dead?

A: No, Bob Kaufman is alive and well. The rumors of his death are unfounded.

Q: How old is Bob Kaufman?

A: As of 2021, Bob Kaufman is 88 years old.

Q: Where is Bob’s Discount Furniture based?

A: Bob’s Discount Furniture is based in Manchester, Connecticut.

Q: How many stores does Bob’s Discount Furniture have?

A: Bob’s Discount Furniture has over 140 locations across the United States.

Q: What is the “Bob’s Way”?

A: The “Bob’s Way” is a philosophy of doing business that emphasizes honesty, transparency, and a no-nonsense approach to furniture sales.

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Q: What charitable causes has Bob Kaufman supported?

A: Bob Kaufman has donated millions of dollars to various charitable causes, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Jimmy Fund, and the American Red Cross.


In conclusion, the rumors of Bob Kaufman’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Bob’s Discount Furniture founder and spokesman is alive and well, and continues to be a prominent figure in the furniture industry. His commitment to affordable prices and honesty in sales continues to resonate with customers and has helped Bob’s Discount Furniture become a household name across the country. While it is unfortunate that such rumors persist, it is important to separate fact from fiction and understand the truth about Bob Kaufman’s continued presence in the furniture industry today.