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  • April 16, 2023

Mrs B Nebraska Furniture Mart: The Rich Legacy of a Woman Entrepreneur

Mrs B Nebraska Furniture Mart has become a household name known for its quality furniture collections, appliances, and home décor items. However, only a few know the fascinating story behind this retail giant and the woman behind it all.

Rose Blumkin, popularly known as Mrs. B, founded Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1937. She started her business with a small $500 loan, and her drive, vision, and perseverance made her one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the United States. Today, Nebraska Furniture Mart has grown significantly and is a popular choice for furniture shoppers in the Midwest.

Here is an exciting look at the history of Mrs. B Nebraska Furniture Mart and how it has made a mark on American businesses.

How it all started for Mrs. B

Rose Blumkin was born in Smorgon, Russia, in 1893. In 1913, she migrated to the U.S. at the age of twenty and started working as a housekeeper. However, she soon recognized her business acumen and shifted to retail. She opened a used furniture store in Omaha during the Great Depression, but it was not successful.

Despite a failed business, Mrs. B was undeterred, and in 1937, she started Nebraska Furniture Mart, selling furniture, mattresses, and home appliances. She made a bold move by offering a one-price policy, meaning that customers could get the same discounts whether they were buying a single item or bulk products.

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The state-of-the-art showroom was a hit, and Mrs. B’s business grew at an impressive rate. Within five years, she had to move the store to a larger facility in South Omaha, and in 1958, it moved to its current location. The NFM has been growing and expanding ever since.

The Success of Nebraska Furniture Mart

Mrs. B Nebraska Furniture Mart’s success can be attributed to its intense dedication to customer satisfaction. Mr. Blumkin was known for her excellent customer service and going above and beyond to make sure her customers were satisfied. Her motto was simple: “Sell cheap and tell the truth.”

NFM was also known for the variety of products it offered, from mattresses and furniture to fashionable jewelry and electronics. The company only stocked the highest quality products but ensured that they were offered at budget-friendly prices.

The dedication to providing customers with the best possible shopping experience didn’t go unnoticed – people traveled from all over the Midwest to Nebraska Furniture Mart to take advantage of the high-quality products and exceptional customer service. This dedication and service have contributed to the company’s sustained success in the retail industry.

Mrs. B’s Story – A Woman Business Leader

Mrs. B was not just a successful businesswoman but an inspiring woman leader in a male-dominated industry. She founded Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937 when women were rarely spotted in the corporate world, and entrepreneurs were considered an adventure for men.

Mrs. B had to strive hard to create a place for herself, but her hard work and commitment shone through, and she developed a reputation for her business integrity, her work ethics, and her managerial skills.

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She was also known as a risk-taker, and her business decisions were far ahead of their time. For example, many retailers at the time were hesitant to sell to customers living out of state, but Mrs. B had no issues with this and even contracted out-of-state shippers to help get the items to the customers’ doorstep.

Mrs. B also had a knack for survival and adaptability. Surviving the Great Depression and WWII was no mean feat, and she managed to do it while growing her business. Even when competitors tried to undermine her business by setting up nearby stores at high discounts, she didn’t let such threats deter her.

Mrs. B retired from the company in 1989 at the age of 97 but continued to participate in the company’s leadership meetings until her death in 1998.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Nebraska Furniture Mart only located in Nebraska?

A. No, while the company started in Omaha, Nebraska, it has expanded to include stores in Des Moines, Iowa, and Kansas City, Kansas.

Q. Does Nebraska Furniture Mart sell internationally?

A. No, Nebraska Furniture Mart only sells within the United States.

Q. Does Nebraska Furniture Mart offer financing options?

A. Yes, the company offers a variety of financing options for customers to choose from.

Q. Can I buy items online from Nebraska Furniture Mart?

A. Yes, Nebraska Furniture Mart has an online store where customers can buy items, including furniture, appliances, and electronics.

Q. What type of furniture does Nebraska Furniture Mart sell?

A. Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a wide array of furniture, including sofas, loveseats, dining sets, accent pieces, and bedroom sets.

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Mrs. B Nebraska Furniture Mart’s inspiring story is one that continues to inspire generations of entrepreneurs today. Mrs. B’s unwavering dedication to her customers’ satisfaction, her business acumen, and her commitment to high-quality products have helped her establish a thriving business that continues to grow to this day.

The Mrs. B Nebraska Furniture Mart legacy is not just one of business expertise but an inspiration for all individuals who aspire to achieve success on their terms. For Mrs. B, “Impossible” was not a word in her dictionary, and she strongly believed that “If you work hard enough, you will make it.”