sons of the forest cheat table

  • April 19, 2023

Sons of the Forest Cheat Table: Cheats, Tips, and FAQs

If you’re playing Sons of the Forest, the survival horror game developed by Endnight Games, you might find yourself in need of cheats, tips, and tricks to help you navigate the game’s sometimes brutal challenges. Fortunately, there is a Sons of the Forest cheat table available that can help you get the upper hand. In this article, we’ll explore what a cheat table is, what you can do with it, and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

What Is a Cheat Table?

A cheat table is a type of file that you can use with cheat engine software to enable cheats in a video game. A cheat engine is a debugging tool that allows you to modify the internals of a game while it’s running. Cheat tables are created by users and can modify various aspects of a game, such as changing values, unlocking achievements, and enabling god mode.

In the case of Sons of the Forest, the cheat table was created by Zanzer, a well-known cheat table creator who has made numerous cheat tables for various games. The Sons of the Forest cheat table can help players to unlock various features and make the game easier, depending on the cheats that they choose to enable.

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What Can You Do with the Sons of the Forest Cheat Table?

The Sons of the Forest cheat table comes with several features that can help you to navigate the game more comfortably. These include:

  • God mode: Enables invincibility, so you cannot be killed by anything except for fall damage.
  • Easy crafting: Allows you to craft any item without needing its components.
  • Ghost mode: Enables you to phase through objects such as walls, rock formations, and trees.
  • Instant object destruction: Enables you to destroy objects in the game world with a single hit, including trees, rocks, and buildings.
  • Unlimited energy: Allows you to have an infinite amount of energy, so you can sprint indefinitely.

You can enable these cheats by downloading the cheat table and using it with cheat engine software. This software allows you to load cheat tables and activate the various cheats they contain.


Q: How Do You Download the Cheat Table for Sons of the Forest?

A: First, you’ll need to download cheat engine software from its official website. Then, you can download the Sons of the Forest cheat table from the Fearless Revolution website. Once you have both the software and cheat table, you can launch them simultaneously and use cheat engine to load the Sons of the Forest cheat table.

Q: Is it Safe to Use Cheat Tables?

A: Cheat tables are not inherently dangerous, but they can be used to hack games and cheat in online multiplayer games. This is against the terms of service of most online games and can result in a ban. Additionally, downloading and running cheat software can potentially expose your computer to malware or spyware. Always be careful when downloading files from the internet and avoid running software from untrusted sources.

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Q: Will Using Cheat Tables Affect My Ability to Unlock Achievements?

A: Cheat tables can modify game memory and, as a result, can disable achievements from being unlocked. If you’re playing Sons of the Forest for the first time and want to experience the game as it was intended, it’s recommended that you play without cheats enabled. Some players prefer to use cheat tables on subsequent playthroughs when they want to explore the game’s mechanics more thoroughly or take on more challenging feats.

Q: Can I Use the Sons of the Forest Cheat Table in Multiplayer?

A: The Sons of the Forest cheat table is only intended for use in the game’s single-player mode. Attempting to use cheats in online multiplayer modes is generally not possible, as these game modes are usually hosted on servers with anti-cheat measures in place to prevent cheating.


The Sons of the Forest cheat table can help players to unlock various features and make the game easier. However, it’s important to use cheats responsibly and only in single-player modes, to avoid negatively impacting the game’s online community. Remember also to download cheat files from trusted sources and always exercise caution when using software that modifies game memory.