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  • April 16, 2023

Catherine the Great and Her Erotic Furniture: A Look into the Kinky Side of the Empress

During her reign, Catherine the Great was known for her love of the arts, literature, and science. However, there was another aspect to her persona that is often overlooked – her passion for eroticism. In particular, Catherine was known for her collection of erotic furniture, which included chairs, tables, and cabinets designed for pleasure rather than function. In this article, we will explore the history of Catherine’s kinky passion, as well as examine some of the most infamous pieces in her collection.

The Origins of Catherine the Great’s Eroticism

Catherine the Great was born in 1729 in Stettin, Prussia (modern-day Poland). She was originally named Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst, and was the daughter of a minor German prince. At the age of sixteen, Sophie was selected to marry Peter III of Russia, who was next in line for the Russian throne.

The marriage was an unhappy one, and Catherine soon began to look for diversion elsewhere. It was during this time that she began to explore her sexuality, and became interested in the world of eroticism. Although Catherine was by no means the first European monarch to have an interest in such matters, her fascination with eroticism was particularly noteworthy given the conservative and repressive nature of Russian society at the time.

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Despite this, Catherine was not deterred, and began actively collecting erotic art and furniture. It was said that she had a particular fondness for chairs and other furniture pieces that were designed for sexual pleasure. According to some reports, Catherine even commissioned her own designs for such furniture, which she kept in her private chambers for her own personal use.

The Most Infamous Pieces in Catherine’s Collection

Over the years, Catherine’s collection of erotic furniture grew to include a wide variety of items, each of which had its own unique purpose and design. Below are some of the most infamous pieces in her collection.

The Love Chair

One of the most famous pieces of erotic furniture in Catherine’s collection was the so-called “Love Chair”. This was a chair that was designed to enable two people to have sex while sitting up. The chair featured a curved backrest, which was designed to accommodate a woman’s body. There was also a small raised platform at the base of the chair, which was designed to elevate the male partner’s feet, allowing him to penetrate the woman more easily.

The Love Chair was reportedly one of Catherine’s favorite pieces of furniture, and she often used it with a variety of different partners. Although the chair itself has not survived to the present day, several depictions of it can be found in erotic art from the time.

The Pleasure Table

Another famous piece from Catherine’s collection was the Pleasure Table. This was a small table that was designed to be used during sexual encounters. The table featured a hollow center, which was filled with a soft padding material. There was also a slot on one side of the table, which was designed to accommodate a man’s penis.

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The idea behind the Pleasure Table was that a woman could lie back on the table while her partner penetrated her from above. The soft padding would help to cushion the woman’s body, while the slot on the side of the table would allow for easy access to the man’s penis.

The Sex Sofa

The Sex Sofa was another piece of furniture in Catherine’s collection that was designed for pleasure rather than function. The sofa featured a sloping backrest and a wide, flat seat cushion. There was also a small raised platform at the front of the sofa, which was designed to elevate the woman’s feet.

The idea behind the Sex Sofa was that a woman could lie back on the sloping backrest while her partner penetrated her from above. The raised platform at the front of the sofa would help to elevate the woman’s feet, allowing for deeper penetration.


Did Catherine the Great Really Use These Pieces?

It is difficult to say for certain whether Catherine the Great actually used the pieces in her collection for their intended purposes. However, it is clear that she had a keen interest in eroticism and sexual pleasure, and it is likely that she did use at least some of the furniture in her private chambers.

What Happened to Catherine’s Collection?

After Catherine the Great’s death in 1796, her collection of erotic furniture was dispersed among various collectors and institutions. Some pieces were sold off or destroyed, while others found their way into private collections. Today, only a few pieces from Catherine’s collection are known to survive.

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What Does Catherine the Great’s Collection Tell Us About Her as a Person?

Catherine the Great’s collection of erotic furniture is a reflection of her passion for pleasure and her desire to explore her own sexuality. Although she was a powerful and influential ruler, Catherine was also a woman who was unafraid to indulge in her carnal desires. Her collection serves as a reminder that even the most conservative and repressive societies can produce individuals who are willing to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable behavior.