Powerfully Cohesive Blue and Red Accent Home Interior

Powerfully Cohesive Blue and Red Accent Home Interior

  • May 8, 2023

This 72-square-meter apartment, visualized by designer Diana Chalbash, boasts of a high-energy design that perfectly combines bold blue and red accents with a pale canvas. The result is a cohesive and strikingly beautiful living space. The eclectic blue elements coupled with pops of red immediately catch the eye as soon as one enters the home entryway. This energy continues throughout the open plan living area, to the bold bedroom scheme and a unique bathroom design.

Sleek stainless steel volumes reflect natural light, adding to the sharp industrial design of the apartment. Raw concrete accessories, concrete ceilings, and cement flooring make the scheme’s color saturation even more striking. The living room is decorated with pale gray and white furnishings, and an electric blue sofa that creates a visual buzz and divides it into two halves, creating a succinct sitting area and a separate kitchen diner.

The modular blue sofa features an ottoman section that dips low, allowing the line of sight to skim over the modern couch and land in the kitchen. The sleek wall-mounted TV unit provides ample storage space and extends to the ceiling to fully utilize vertical storage space. Mirrored backing reflects the room to give the illusion of more space. The wood flooring runs through both the sitting area and the kitchen, creating one smooth expanse of warm natural tone.

A bright red and blue art piece adorns the top of the reflective metal coffee table. A large planter pot introduces a raw concrete accent to the corner of the clean white room, complementing the cool concrete ceiling treatment. A tension wire lamp is strung alongside the indoor plant to highlight its leaves while a trio of unique pendant lights line up above the kitchen peninsula.

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The bedroom features a home workspace established across one wall, with a floating desk cutting through a wood shelving stack to create a sleek ensemble. Stainless steel panels rise behind the bedroom desk, adding a note of cohesivity with the metallic elements of the living room. The upholstered bed continues the electric blue accent theme, set upon an understated, plain gray bedroom rug. Modern artwork hangs above the pillows, providing a pop of bright red.

The bathroom boasts of a striking blue bathroom vanity, creating an exhilarating line of energetic color through the pale gray and white space. Large format floor tiles make the small bathroom appear wider, while a wall-hung toilet keeps the floor space clear and open. LED strip lights around the bathroom mirror add to the overall aesthetic, and a tower of shelving beside the shower head holds toiletries close at hand.

In summary, the blue and red accent home interior is a beautiful combination of modern architecture and strikingly bold color hues. Each section of the home seamlessly blends into the next, with the stainless steel volumes and raw concrete accessories adding a touch of industrial design, which further complements the color saturation. This is undeniably a home with an explosive energy that leaves a lasting impression.