using old furniture in the garden

  • April 15, 2023

Turn Your Old Furniture into Garden Treasures

Furniture inevitably wears out or goes out of style. But before disposing of your furniture, have you ever considered upcycling it? Upcycling is the process of transforming useless or unwanted items into something new, functional, or beautiful. In this article, we’ll show you how to use old furniture in the garden and give you some creative ideas to set your imagination working.

Advantages of Upcycling Your Old Furniture

Before we begin discussing garden projects, let’s talk about why upcycling is such a good choice for unwanted furniture. Here are some of the benefits of repurposing your old furniture instead of tossing it out:


Most of all, upcycling reduces waste and makes use of discarded materials. Instead of contributing to pollution and landfills, you can recycle and use alternative materials from what you already have. Moreover, since you’re not buying new furniture, you reduce the demand for new resources. Upcycling saves resources, energy, space, and even money.

Unique and Creative

Upcycling is an opportunity to transform your imagination and creativity into something unique and functional that suits your personal taste. You’re the designer of your decor, and upcycling allows you to create an original and distinctive garden that reflects your personality and style.

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Upcycling is also an excellent way to save money. Buying new furniture for your garden, patio, or deck can be expensive, but you can use old furniture to create unique decor without spending much money. Moreover, you don’t need to purchase expensive materials or tools to create your garden project.

5 Creative Ways to Use Old Furniture in the Garden

Now let’s dive into some garden projects that you can create with your old furniture. We’ve put together five ideas that can revamp your garden for the better.

1. Reclaimed Wood Planters and Raised Garden Beds

Reclaimed wood is a popular material in upcycling, and for a good reason. Old furniture, like bedframes or dressers, can turn into chic planters and raised garden beds. Using non-treated or pressure-treated wood works best for this project. You can carve out the drawers and create a tiered garden bed or use the headboard of an old bedframe as a backdrop for your raised garden bed.

2. Garden Bench from an Old Headboard and Footboard

If you have an old twin or full bed frame, you can create a charming garden bench. You can use the headboard and footboard as the back and arms of the bench, and the slats from the bed frame as the seat. Paint the bench to your favorite color and style, then add some outdoor pillows for a fabulous garden seating area.

3. Reclaimed Garden Art

Another fantastic way to use old furniture in the garden is to create unique and artistic decorations. Old dressers, chairs, or other ornate furniture can be repurposed into garden art. For example, you can paint an old chair with bright colors, then turn it into a planter by cutting out a space in the seat and adding soil and plants. You can also use the dresser drawers as a whimsical way to hang garden tools, birdhouses, or flowers.

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4. Patio Plant Stand with an Old Table

A quick and easy way to use old furniture in your garden is to create plant stands. You can use an old table to display your plants in containers, by stacking them on top of each other, shepherding hooks, or by hanging them on the sides of the table. By using a variety of pots of different sizes, heights, and colors, you can create an impressive display that adds color and interest to your garden.

5. Bicycle Planter

If you have an old bicycle that you know you’ll never ride again, you can turn it into a unique planter. Simply remove the wheels and attach baskets or containers on the frame and handlebars. You can add trailing flowers and vines, or flowers and plants of your choice for a whimsical and fun way to display plants.

FAQs About Upcycling Furniture in the Garden

Can I use upholstered furniture in my garden?

While upcycling can be a great way to use old furniture, upholstered furniture is generally not a suitable material for your garden. The fabric and stuffing can easily become damp or mildew and can attract insects, rodents, and other pests.

What types of furniture are good for upcycling?

Almost any type of furniture can be upcycled, but wooden furniture, especially outdoor furniture, works best. Beds, dressers, chests, tables and chairs, benches, and frames are great candidates for upcycling. Look for sturdy and durable furniture that won’t easily decay or break down.

What types of paint and sealant work best?

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When painting your upcycled furniture, use exterior-grade, waterproof paint for long-lasting protection against the elements. Any non-toxic, environmentally friendly or low VOC paint will work well. Sealants like polyurethane or varnish can help protect your outdoor furniture from moisture and mildew.

How can I make sure my upcycled furniture fits my garden’s aesthetic?

Choose furniture that complements the style and environment of your garden. If you have more of a cottage-style garden, then repurposed wooden chairs or a bench would be appropriate. For a modern garden, look for furniture with clean lines and minimalist style. Mix and match styles but make sure they harmonize with each other, creating a cohesive and balanced look.


Upcycling your old furniture can be a fun and creative way to add unique and eye-catching features to your garden without breaking the bank. This not only helps protect the environment by reducing waste and the use of new resources, but it also transforms unusable items into something functional, beautiful, and meaningful. The best part of upcycling is that it’s all about taking something outdated and making it new in unexpected ways. With our ideas, we hope you feel inspired to get started on your next upcycling project for your garden!