51 Bathroom Color Ideas To Enliven Your Daily Routine

51 Bathroom Color Ideas To Enliven Your Daily Routine

  • May 10, 2023

The bathroom is an integral part of any home, and it is essential to ensure that it is both functional and visually appealing. You can set the mood and make your mornings more enjoyable by choosing the right color scheme. In this article, we’ve rounded up 51 bathroom color ideas that cater to all styles and tastes.

For an elegant and modern bathroom, consider combining slate blue with floral wall tiles. This botanical theme is chic and refreshing with a contemporary twist. If you prefer a bold style, create contrast with a red, white, and blue color scheme. The bright and energizing palette is sure to leave a lasting impression on your house guests.

Construct a red feature wall using stunning mosaic, like this spectacular floral example. The flower mosaic is continued over the bathtub to create a floor-to-ceiling mural. If you’re after an intimate atmosphere, go for blush pink bathroom decor with chunky terrazzo chips to create an energetic buzz.

Dark red bathroom decor is full of passion, and you can use this decor scheme around a bathtub that’s big enough for two. Don’t forget to include a side table to hold your wine. Essex green bathroom decor carries a historic feel, which works wonderfully with classic bathroom floor tiles and a hoard of indoor plants.

For a harmonious meld, go for white marble and natural wood tones. Add a plush bathroom rug to amp up the glamor. White may seem like a basic choice for a bathroom, but with the right vanity unit, sparkling lights, stylish bathroom mirrors, and golden fixtures, it becomes a high-end haven.

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Board-formed concrete straddles industrial-style and wood-clad aesthetics with its cool tone and interesting texture. Add warmth to your gray concrete bathroom with a copper fireplace and a smoked glass bathtub. Hues of muted blue and white create fresh bathroom decor, and pretty rose gold accents warm up the scheme in the shape of vanity hardware, bathroom vanity lights, and a round wall mirror.

Copper-tone tiles can make a striking focal wall in a modern bathroom concept, and a huge mirror with a stark black frame can interrupt their luster. Royal blue wainscotting can conjure a traditional air in your bathroom, and finishing with antique bronze fittings can add elegance to the design.

Bright blue bathroom furniture is full of energy and fun, and orange bathroom decor can turn up the heat. Even tiny bathroom spaces can take a bold hit of color. Try painting your bathroom door with a coat of yellow paint, applying a color-block border, or installing bright wall shelves.

Sage green bathrooms are serene spaces and can be combined with light wood elements to create a space that feels in touch with nature. Use colorful tiles to pick out key areas of your bathroom, like the pink mosaic tiles around this modern bathroom vanity and bathtub. Let limestone tiles or bricks naturally color your bathroom decor scheme and build texture around your bathtub.

Create a unique floor treatment with a plethora of tiles in different materials and color tones. Translucent blue accents give this extraordinary bathroom concept an underwater feel. Terrazzo pours confetti-like petals of color over a raw gray stone statement wall and unique pedestal sinks.

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Stamp an abstract pattern behind your bathtub with shades of blue. Lay down a dark wood floor treatment to set a sophisticated standard. Combine sunshine yellow accents with sky-blue elements to create all-year-round summertime fun.

Even a simple black-and-white bathroom can be turned into an attention-grabbing space with a bright yellow vanity unit. Black and brown bathroom decor builds a rich-toned design that feels robust and traditionally masculine. Add a chunky wooden bathroom mirror to complement the strong aesthetic.

This red-veined white marble offers a thrilling wall and floor treatment that carries the elegance of natural stone and the vibrancy of unexpected color. Terracotta tiles bring visual warmth to a bathroom, and you can give this traditional material a twist with a geometric motif.

Limewashed wall treatments catch the light with their uneven texture and tone, and champagne gold and beige accents can lightly warm the gray and black bathroom palette. Confine color only to your bathroom furniture, like this light blue vanity unit and storage cabinet set.

Rose gold makes rousing contrast with light blue decor. Push out a low ceiling with airy white paintwork, and use black framework for a clean-cut green bathroom design with a sleek white marble floor.

Introduce a more comprehensive color guide to select your bathroom color scheme, like a full-grade color manual that has Sherwin Williams color codes next to pictures. With these 51 bathroom color ideas, you can say goodbye to boring bathrooms and hello to a space that makes you feel truly refreshed.