51 Kitchen Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Cook Every Meal at Home

51 Kitchen Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Cook Every Meal at Home

  • May 11, 2023

Are you tired of a mundane and uninspiring kitchen? Have you considered how the colors you choose can affect your culinary creativity? The right color scheme can transform your cooking space into an inviting and energizing room. But what color should you paint your kitchen? Fear not, as we’ve gathered 51 kitchen color ideas to transform your cooking space using wall paint, fresh cabinet finishes, complementary countertops and backsplashes, and accessories. From classic muted palettes with a calming ambiance to trendy color combinations that will brighten up a dull kitchen, these ideas will inspire you to cook every meal at home.

Shades of muted blue make a fresh backdrop for a multitude of accent colors. For a small kitchen, light blue kitchen cabinets and matching wall paint become a smooth support for sunny yellow and hot pink elements. Sage green delivers a soft connection with nature, enlivening a plain white kitchen, and natural wood elements bring depth to the scheme. Turquoise kitchen cabinets are a bold choice, and they’re even bolder when paired with bright tangerine walls. Brown kitchen bar stools calm the color explosion with a clean white balance.

A dark green kitchen has an aura of old-world charm, and sharp black fixtures modernize the aesthetic. Combine the green kitchen aesthetic with a feature wall of exposed red brickwork to build rich color contrast. This kitchen design places a white marble backsplash between the two to freshen and elevate the look. Dark coral is an uber-trendy choice for a kitchen and packs a lot of punch. Instead of covering all of your units with this statement hue, consider sticking to wall paint, a tiled backsplash, or just a few wall cabinets.

Saturate your cooking space with a combination of pink and sage green. This scheme is further defined by colorful edge strips and enriched with a statement gold linear suspension light. A light coral colorway is soft enough to encapsulate every surface without visual overwhelm. Color-blocking is a clever way to carve out the kitchen zone of a studio apartment or a small open-plan living room. This pastel pink shade makes a playful space, full of youthfulness. White kitchen cabinets make a highly versatile base for strong accent colors–like lively fuchsia pink add-ons. A 50/50 pink and white split sets a colorful scene with an airy ambiance.

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Reframe bright red kitchen cabinets and accessories with a jet-black backdrop. A matt black finish will absorb the light, leaving the more vibrant pieces to shine out. Glossy red kitchens put the finishing touch on a flawless powder-white base, like a slick of glamorous red lip gloss. Chocolate brown tones deliver instant warmth to a kitchen. Combine with light wood countertops and matching floors to lighten the look. Juicy apricot sweetens up a plain white kitchen run. Color-match the kitchen backsplash, wall cabinets, and apricot wall paint to make one solid, bright burst of color.

Install a lower line of gold kitchen cabinets beneath white counterparts to build just a glimmer of glamor. Contrast sweet pastel pink kitchen decor with earthy green kitchen cabinets and a high-contrast black kitchen island. Stick to matt finishes throughout to achieve soft cohesivity. This small pink, green, and black kitchen concept comes with a creative pastel checkered treatment across the wall cabinets. Inky blue-gray cabinets and a dark sage kitchen island make a moody duo, and classic panel molded doors underline the palette with a sophisticated style.

A full set of sage green-painted base cabinets, wall units, and matching kitchen island can be softly broken with a pretty, light natural wood tone. Spread cohesive wood tone throughout the room scheme with countertops, open kitchen shelves, window frames, and rustic ceiling beams. In an all-wood tone kitchen, gold kitchen pendant lights add a rich dose of class. Throw off the quietly neutral background with some small colorful and patterned pieces, like these eye-catching decorative vases.

Bold blue units and busy blue terrazzo are sure to keep energy levels high, even when preparing a late evening meal for the family. Make cobalt blue kitchen decor pop with a dark walnut cabinet surround. A third cube of contrast is placed in this kitchen concept, with the addition of a crisp white kitchen peninsula and matching white bar stools. A muted blue kitchen island adds a stripe of cool color to neutral beige, wood, or white kitchen designs. Intensify the effect with a row of matching blue base units and a color-coordinated backsplash.

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By restricting color to your kitchen backsplash area, there’s an opportunity to swap the accent color in one fell swoop further down the line. This beautiful shade of blue sets a tranquil scene, but a bright color switch would change the tone of this room entirely. A blush pink kitchen island may not seem the obvious choice to complement a royal blue kitchen run. However, this high-contrast aesthetic creates a scene that is both rich and sweet, which sounds like the perfect components for a delicious dessert.

Breezy blue kitchen units and sandy wood tones create a beachy feel. In this home, a hanging chair adds to the laid-back, outdoor feel. An assortment of kitchen bar stools and a mixture of patterned tiles build eclectic charm. Inky blue kitchen components offer great depth but they do drink up the natural light in the room. Counteract this light-draining effect with contrasting yellow units, shelf inserts, and a fun yellow light fitting. Separate bright blue and yellow elements with a swathe of white and throw in a few red pieces to fashion a Mondrian-inspired space.

Sometimes, it’s the most unlikely partnerships that make a successful space. This interior design keeps the eye moving with a varied selection of tones, from subdued sage green and natural wood to cobalt blue and tangerine. Paint a mint green border above an aqua blue kitchen to discover newfound freshness. Install a pastel pink tiled backsplash for added quirkiness. White marble kitchens look glorious when cut through with gold, especially when 3D texture adds extra shine and dimension. In this setup, unique brown pendant lights drip wonderful warmth into the cool stone scheme.

Mint green upper cabinets and light wood lowers create a calm yet uplifting kitchen color palette, with matching mint green pendant lights up top and a light wood dining table below. Coffee and cafe au lait make a delicious combination for hot beverage lovers. It might inspire some new concoctions when break times roll around! Give your kitchen a colorful edge with mustard yellow wall cabinets, backsplash, benchtop, and glossy black base units. Then, reverse the composition with a yellow kitchen island under a black waterfall counter.

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Take up tiling and cover your kitchen island in a new hue. Add a few contrasting wall shelves, and you’ve got yourself a completely new color scheme. Navy blue kitchen units bring the same drama as a solid black kitchen, plus a subtle undercurrent of added interest. Splash in drops of teal, coral, and gold to enliven the composition. Bring a gray backsplash to life with deeply textured rock. Don’t forget to accentuate the details with a strip of LED lights. A black and white kitchen color scheme has timeless appeal when teamed with cleanly framed cabinets and classic floor tiles.

Even if you’re stuck with a tame, neutral kitchen installation due to a lack of funds or a rental agreement, don’t fret. One single column of fearless color can completely transform your space. If you’re considering a kitchen with a different color island, then take a look at this stunning design. A unique red stone kitchen island with a waterfall countertop is the star of the show, and wood cabinets and a gray worktop play the supporting role. A sensational gold extractor hood balances out the bold focal point. Cut a swathe of dramatic dark gray marble down the center of a white kitchen design.

For a sleek scheme, consider stainless steel kitchen units reminiscent of a professional commercial kitchen setup. Raw cement and smooth woodwork spell simplicity. Another chocolatey kitchen color scheme, this time with a chunky black marble countertop. Choose a knotty wood to add plenty of natural pattern to the kitchen. Whip up a balanced white and wood kitchen design with clean white cabinets. With these 51 kitchen color ideas, you’ll be inspired to create your dream cooking space in no time.