A Luxury Home In Brazil That Floats Above The Forest

A Luxury Home In Brazil That Floats Above The Forest

  • April 29, 2023

In the midst of the tranquil beauty of the Atlantic Forest, with breathtaking ocean views stretching out as far as the eye can see, lies a modern residence that is nothing short of stunning. This 947 square-meter property in Brazil, designed by Studio Arthur Casas architects, is a harmonious blend of natural wood and stone that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. The house seems to levitate above the forest floor, offering incredible views of the surrounding landscape. The living spaces are situated at treetop height, offering an open vista, while still being immersed in vegetation.

The bedrooms and guest suite are arranged on two sub-levels, with a top-floor balcony that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding environment. Glass frontage reveals the luxury guest suite and home office at the base of the building, while other bedroom suites are situated on top. The green rooftop perfectly settles the modern architecture within its lush surroundings. A long swimming pool stretches across the edge of the top floor terrace, offering incredible views of the ocean vista. It’s not just a swimming pool; it’s an invigorating and uplifting place to spend sunset and sunrise.

Retractable doors create a free-flowing connection between indoor and outdoor living, seamlessly integrating the pool terrace with the main living space. The living room boasts a spectacular view of the treetops nibbling at the sweeping ocean panorama, and rocky land masses rising out of the waves like great sea creatures. A modern fireplace hangs from the ceiling in the center of the space, providing a cozy and warm atmosphere. Metal fins, covered in wood, open up a dense view of the surrounding vegetation, while a wood-clad ceiling creates a warm and soothing aesthetic.

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Sculptural elements dot the wide living space, adding moments of intrigue to the sophisticated setting. Sun loungers offer the homeowners a place to soak up some rays or to gaze at the stars by night. At the other end of the swimming pool terrace, modern outdoor chairs and an L-shaped sofa provide ample seating for outdoor relaxation. A live-edge dining table is teamed with modern gray chairs, with a simple glass vase providing a flash of greenery to the dining room sideboard.

The bedrooms are decorated in fresh, neutral tones to promote rest and relaxation, with a rustic wooden headboard bringing in a bold slice of forest beauty. Slivers of forest can be seen through the wood-clad metal fins that rise four meters high around the property. From above, the property appears like a small treasure chest, lost amidst the forest leaves.

Wellness and relaxation areas are situated on the base layer of the property, including a spa, sauna, and gym. The material composition is sympathetic to the landscape with the vertical wood-clad fins blending with the towering tree trunks. Despite its deep immersion in nature, the property is easily accessed by road. The large pool terrace and social spaces make this property an ideal place for entertaining guests and extended family.

In conclusion, this luxury home in Brazil is a breathtaking testament to modern architecture that seamlessly melds with its surroundings. The property perfectly showcases the beauty of the Atlantic Forest, with panoramic views of the ocean, the perfect place to soothe the soul and rejuvenate the mind.