Eclectic Apartment Interiors With Serious Workspaces

Eclectic Apartment Interiors With Serious Workspaces

  • April 29, 2023

Eclectic home design is all about combining different styles to create a unique and personalized space that reflects your personality. It allows you to blend modern furniture with traditional family heirlooms and thrift finds. With an eclectic color palette, anything goes – pastel shades can meet brighter tones, and patterns can be showcased in random spots. Here, we showcase two beautiful eclectic apartment interiors, both featuring inspirational design ideas and serious home workspaces.

The first apartment is a London-based studio apartment that boasts an impressive high ceiling which enabled the young owners to install a mezzanine level to serve as their bedroom. The main room is dominated by a collaborative home office design with a large table that can also function as a formal dining area. The room is packed full of individual style and personality, incorporating bright and breezy colors that give the space a cheerful springtime feel all year round.

The lounge area is decorated with natural wood, wicker, and cane elements, giving the space a bohemian look. A row of white kitchen units is located under the mezzanine level, creating a compact cooking space that is both crisp and modern. The mezzanine construction finishes just before the enormous window, ensuring maximum natural light that floods into the room.

The stylish and cozy seating area is formed with a modern sofa, wicker chair, and black side table that anchor the small chair in the open-plan layout. The room is adorned with an array of lush indoor plants, which cultivate a welcoming and homey feel.

The second apartment boasts an eye-catching living room rug as its foundation. The pale pink sofa complements the pink floral pattern of the rug design, while the modern black desk that cuts sharply through the white room creates a commanding and no-nonsense presence. The entryway is dominated by an impressive and unique sculptural chair, making a lasting first impression.

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The kids’ bedroom features two boho-style cane bedsteads separated by a small nightstand, with a wall sconce providing light over each one. Wall-mounted stuffed animal heads add a playful decorative element, while two kids’ desks in the center of the remaining floor space provide ample space for homework. The final bathroom features a marble-topped pedestal sink and matching side units.

In both apartments, an eclectic mix of designs and styles is blended beautifully to create a unique and individual space that is perfect for personal and professional purposes. With high ceilings, cleverly designed spaces, and a mix of traditional and modern elements, these apartments showcase the endless possibilities of eclectic interior design, setting an inspiring precedent for style-conscious homeowners who love to mix and match.