Adding Curved Jewels Of Interest To Modern Interiors

Adding Curved Jewels Of Interest To Modern Interiors

  • June 23, 2023

Article Title: Adding Curved Jewels Of Interest To Modern Interiors


The trend of incorporating curves into home interiors has continued to captivate homeowners with its sophisticated and smooth look. Whether it’s through arched windows, doorway arches, or 3D stucco detail, curves can add character to a modern home interior. In this article, we showcase three inspirational home designs that demonstrate how to incorporate the curved trend as scattered jewels of interest. Each interior design highlights the beauty and uniqueness that curves bring to a space.

Contemporary Space with Subtle Curved Details:

The first interior we feature is a contemporary space with subtle curved details. These curved elements emerge unexpectedly, like clues in a treasure hunt, adding intrigue and interest to the design. In the living room, a curved ceiling recess forms a shapely canopy over the sitting area, creating a visually stunning focal point. A wall-mounted altar adds another curved silhouette to the room, while a ceiling fan with a light complements the overall wood tones. Opposite the sofa, a floating TV stand spreads wood grain across a backdrop of raw stucco, creating a harmonious blend of textures. A small thread of wood grain continues into the home entryway, lining a built-in shelf that provides storage for shoes and household items. The use of wood flooring throughout creates a cohesive and expansive visual.

Refined Apartment with Deeply Carved Stucco Statements:

The second home tour unfolds in an apartment with a refined and elegant scheme. Designer furniture sits amidst deeply carved, curved stucco statements, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the space. In the dining area, the room perimeter bends beautifully around a modern dining set, leading the eye to an inverted archway filled with display shelves. A round pedestal marble dining table and a circular pendant light tie in with the overall architectural curves, creating a cohesive and visually striking design. The kitchen layout makes good use of an alcove, housing a large side-by-side fridge-freezer unit. The pale kitchen cabinets, white backsplash tiles, and white marble countertop make the narrow room appear more spacious and open. Wall units are double-banked to maximize storage space.

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Rustic Vibe with Stucco Art Canvas of Curves:

The final tour showcases a home with a rustic vibe, where the stucco wall becomes a giant art canvas of curves. Shallow arches are carved into the beige wall stucco, creating mesmerizing patterns. Curved lounge chairs and a racetrack-shaped wooden coffee table complement the smooth wall motif, while exposed wooden beams and handmade ceramics add to the rustic essence of the interior design. A narrow column of backlit display shelves creates an illuminated focal point, showcasing decorative items and adding visual interest. Throughout the space, arched windows and doorways create a sublime hallway, and a simple rustic bench furnishes the area, adding functionality and style.


Incorporating curves into modern home interiors can add a sense of sophistication and visual interest. Whether through arched windows, doorway arches, or stucco details, curves have the ability to transform a space and create a unique and captivating design. The three featured home designs in this article demonstrate how to incorporate the curved trend as scattered jewels of interest, showcasing the beauty and elegance that curves can bring to a modern interior.