51 Bathroom Color Ideas To Enliven Your Daily Routine

51 Bathroom Color Ideas To Enliven Your Daily Routine

  • May 17, 2023

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. It sees daily use, so it’s critical to ensure that it is both functional and visually appealing. Color is a crucial element in achieving this, setting the mood for the day and making our morning routines more enjoyable. With that in mind, we’ve compiled 51 bathroom color ideas to inspire your next makeover. From energizing and playful palettes to calming and serene schemes, there’s a color scheme to suit all tastes and styles.

For an elegant modern bathroom, try a combination of slate blue and floral wall tiles. This chic, botanical theme is inviting, fresh, and contemporary. Alternatively, make a bold statement with a red, white, and blue color scheme that is energetic and eye-catching. A red bathroom feature wall using exquisite mosaic designs could make a stunning floor-to-ceiling mural if continued over the bathtub.

Blush pink bathroom decor creates intimacy, while chunky terrazzo chips add an energetic buzz. Dark red bathroom decor, symbolizing passion, gives a sultry feel and could be ideal for a bathtub for two. Essex green bathroom decor has a historic feel that blends perfectly with classic bathroom floor tiles and a host of indoor plants. White and natural wood tone make a harmonious mix that spells luxury and peace, especially when complemented with a plush bathroom rug.

White may seem basic, but with the right vanity unit, sparkling lights, tiles, and fixtures, it becomes a high-end haven. Board-formed concrete creates a cool tone and texture that straddles an industrial-style and wood-clad aesthetics. Adding a copper fireplace and smoked glass bathtub brings warmth to a gray concrete bathroom. Dark wall tiles create a bold background that looks sharp when cut through with a crisp white vanity countertop and matching tub.

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Hues of muted blue and white make for fresh bathroom decor. Pretty rose gold accents warm up the scheme in the shape of vanity hardware, bathroom vanity lights, and a round wall mirror. Copper-tone tiles make a striking focal wall, with a huge mirror that interrupts their luster. Use royal blue wainscotting to evoke a traditional air, finishing with antique bronze fittings.

Bright blue bathroom furniture provides energy and fun, while orange bathroom decor in a peachy shade looks groovy within a retro wallpaper pattern. An Essex green bathroom is a serene space, and light wood elements create a natural feel. Colorful tiles can pick out key areas, such as pink mosaic tiles around a modern vanity and bathtub. Limestone tiles or bricks can naturally color your bathroom decor scheme, building texture around your bathtub.

Create a unique floor treatment with a plethora of tiles in different materials and color tones. Translucent blue accents give an underwater feel, perfect for a modern, extraordinary bathroom concept. Terrazzo pours confetti-like petals of color over a raw gray stone statement wall and unique pedestal sinks. Stamp an abstract pattern behind the bathtub with shades of blue, then lay down a dark wood floor treatment to set a sophisticated standard.

Combine sunshine yellow accents with sky-blue elements for an all-year-round summertime feel. Even in tiny spaces, a bold hit of color adds a lot of personality. Sage green tiles and white paintwork complement a minimalist bathroom design, complete with a linear white vanity unit and simple white lighting.

Coral pink accents within green and white surroundings sharpen with stark black accents. A delicious mulberry purple and green bathroom palette creates a rich and invigorating setting, with mixed metals like brass basins and chrome bathroom fixtures lifting the look. Break up green bathrooms with large botanical prints and soft pink accent furniture.

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This pink and green botanical bathroom design is boosted with splashes of coral and antique gold bathroom fittings, with a dark feature wall clearly contrasted with a fresh white marble floor for balance. Take a walk on the wild side by extending a green botanical bathroom wallpaper print onto two walls. Add a classic black and white chequerboard floor treatment and quirky bronze accessories to form a whimsical retreat.

Pale yellow over a small bathroom modernizes the plain palette with black sanitaryware and a sleek black vanity countertop. This darker yellow bathroom design has added interest from Turkish patterned wall tiles. The yellow glass bathroom pendant lights drip like beads of honey above a rustic wood vanity unit.

Introducing just one brightly colored element into a bathroom can change the entire space. Without its statement vanity unit, this simple black-and-white bathroom is an average minimalist room. With its bright yellow vanity unit, it becomes an attention-grabbing space that’s not likely to be forgotten. Black and brown bathroom decor creates a robust and traditionally masculine design, with a chunky wooden bathroom mirror complementing the strong aesthetic.

Red-veined white marble can offer an elegant wall and floor treatment, while terracotta tiles bring visual warmth to a bathroom. Don’t let a gray and black bathroom palette fall flat; limewashed wall treatments catch the light with their uneven texture and tone. Champagne gold and beige accents lightly warm the black and white scheme.

Make a jewel box of a bathroom with a lustrous emerald green backsplash, contrasting with rough gray wall stucco and black bathroom fittings that fade into the shadows. Shape a clean-cut green bathroom design with fine black framework and sleek white marble flooring. Confine color to just bathroom furniture, like a light blue vanity unit and storage cabinet set that complement a white marble perimeter.

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Rose gold adds rousing contrast to light blue decor, with a reflective pink tone to a rose gold acrylic mirror panel that makes the blue bathroom shine in an entirely new light. Splice neutral modern decor with romantic rose pink moments through plush textiles, dramatic floral wallcoverings, and jewel-like accent furniture. Push out a low ceiling with airy white paintwork, matching the walls to the white ceiling to perceive one continuous, large expanse, and push down the floor with a subtly darker shade of beige.

Bright colors remind us of childhood and carefree times, adding cheer to a bathroom. Aqua blue walls work well in small spaces, reminding us of cool, open waterscapes. Black and white color blocks create an edgy aesthetic, and natural wood on a bathroom ceiling creates a comforting cocoon, especially in bathrooms with green views or dense indoor collections of plants. This wood-clad bathroom ceiling and wall treatment frames a terrarium-like shower enclosure.

In conclusion, a fresh coat of paint or an update to your bathroom decor can work wonders in creating a space that makes you feel truly refreshed. We hope our 51 bathroom color ideas inspire your next bathroom makeover project.