Built-in Furniture Ideas For Japandi Interiors

Built-in Furniture Ideas For Japandi Interiors

  • May 17, 2023

Japandi decor is a unique aesthetic that combines both Scandinavian and Japanese design to create practical, peaceful, and beautiful spaces. One aspect of this aesthetic is the integration of built-in furniture, which offers a multitude of solutions for creating a cohesive and functional living space. Custom-made benches, desks, and beds are just a few examples of the types of built-in furniture that can be incorporated into Japandi interiors.

In a Japandi living room, low-level furniture and neat, built-in cabinets can construct a focal wall. Wooden storage cabinets can be designed to blend seamlessly with the wooden flooring. Upper cabinets can have a warm white finish that blends lightly with the ceiling, while a black coffee table adds a touch of formality and elegance. A unique console table with a playful, curvaceous silhouette can also help to loosen up the formal layout.

In the home entryway, a bespoke, floating bench can be designed with a curved edge that smooths into a matching wall of wood paneling. This deep profile can include convenient storage chambers that help clear away visual clutter from the hallway. A padded seat cushion can provide comfort at one end of the built-in bench, while the other side can serve as a console for a table lamp.

The kitchen and formal dining room can be one connected space in a Japandi interior. Wooden kitchen tower units can curve gracefully toward the center point of the room and become support pillars for built-in shelves. The core of the kitchen can be defined with pale beige cabinets and a matching backsplash, which make a light backdrop for the wooden dining set. Unique wooden dining chairs can echo the tactile curves of the kitchen units, and the hob can be installed on a useful kitchen island.

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In the master bedroom, a built-in floor bed design can be fused with storage cabinets, a shelved room divider, and a deep window seat. The built-in window seat, which runs the full width of the bedroom, can have a seat pad positioned at either end, leaving the remaining side open for use as a console table. The built-in shelving unit can completely separate the floor bed from the rest of the space, creating a room within a room. Modern wall sconces can shine down from the extruded headboard wall, and electrical sockets can be tucked away within a recess that serves the purpose of a bedside table.

In the bathroom, a laconic color and materials palette can promote tranquility. A stark black faucet can contrast with a travertine bathtub. A wooden bathroom vanity unit can hug the wall with a simplistic silhouette, and a pocket door can slide away neatly into the wall, avoiding encroachment on floor space.

In a Japandi living room, basic shapes, light colors, and natural wood elements can fashion a calming essence. A modular sofa design with fragmented backrests can sit lightly in the living space, and a built-in console table can slot precisely into an alcove. The low, sturdy shelf can also double as extra living room seating if the occasion arises. Wood flooring can run seamlessly between the main living area and the home entryway, and built-in storage units can camouflage into the background of the dining room, leaving the wooden dining table as the main focus.

Built-in cupboards can provide practical storage in the home office, which can be tamed with matching wooden wall shelves. A built-in desk can span the window, and a floating bench can offer a comfortable area for contemplation. With these built-in furniture ideas for Japandi interiors, it’s easy to create a practical and peaceful living space that supports day-to-day routines and fosters a sense of calm and relaxation.