Fresh Family Apartment With Lively Elements

Fresh Family Apartment With Lively Elements

  • May 19, 2023

Looking for inspiration on how to design a family home that is both sophisticated and playful? Look no further than this 109-square-meter apartment designed by MOPS Studio. With unexpected design elements strategically incorporated into every room, this home is a lively and fun space for families with young children.

One of the standout design choices in this apartment is the use of a circular motif throughout the home. It can be seen in the kitchen backsplash, the master bathroom floor, and even the wall of the kids’ bathroom. This cohesive design element softens the aesthetic and gives the space a fresh and youthful spirit.

In the main living room, a sophisticated palette of grays is used to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, dashes of novelty still manage to exude a playful energy, such as the lack of a rug to eliminate trip hazards and make cleaning up spills easier. A modern fireplace is installed along the side of the room to avoid disrupting the flow of foot traffic, leaving room for the TV to be mounted at optimal eye level on the focal wall. A sleek media console unit mounted underneath the TV adds to the room’s modern feel.

The open-plan living space also features a concrete gray kitchen with a central island and a comfortable eight-seater dining table. A linear suspension light ensures well-lit family dinners, while decorative vases and glass candle holders provide a modern centerpiece on the wooden dining table. The dark gray kitchen backsplash is complemented by a lively round motif, while vertical slats and wooden wall cabinets add to the bold, abstract design.

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The home entryway is fitted with stylish modern wall paneling, custom-cut mirrors, and bespoke storage solutions. A unique floor lamp with tiny globe shades complements the whimsical rounded stools and circular design element seen throughout the home. Frameless doors seamlessly disappear into the wood-clad walls or camouflage with cool gray concrete finishes.

In the master bedroom, an upholstered bed adds a subtle hint of green to the predominantly gray and wood-tone decor scheme. Sliding glass doors lead to a light-filled home workspace, while a full-length mirrored wall panel creates an optical illusion that makes the wardrobe appear twice as long. The master bathroom features a modern vanity with a slatted aesthetic, a quarter-circle design on the floor, and a wood-clad toilet cistern concealment wall that hides storage compartments.

The kids’ bedroom is enlivened by electric blue accents and a fun gym wall to burn off energy. A homework space encourages concentration, while bean bags rest on a free-form area rug to create a soft play space with plenty of room to spread out. The kids’ bathroom features round, decorative wall hooks, a cute penguin theme, and a recessed shelf that keeps bubble bath, soap, and shampoo close to the fitted bathtub.

Overall, this fresh family apartment with lively elements is the perfect example of how to incorporate playful and unexpected design choices into a sophisticated space that the whole family can enjoy.