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  • April 15, 2023

Furniture Consignment Cedar Rapids: Giving Your Furniture a New Life while Earning Some Extra Cash

Moving to a new house, office renovation, or even changing your style can often lead to a situation where you need to get rid of old furniture. However, throwing it away is not the only option. Furniture consignment is a great way to get some value out of the furniture you no longer need, while also giving them an opportunity to get a new life. Cedar Rapids is the perfect place for furniture consignment with various stores and services available. In this article, we will dive deep into everything you need to know about furniture consignment in Cedar Rapids.

What is Furniture Consignment?

Furniture consignment is a way to sell your old furniture through a third party, namely a consignment store that specializes in furniture. The store will display your furniture and find potential buyers for you. Once the furniture is sold, the store will get a percentage of the sale price, while the rest will go to you.

The best part about consignment is that it offers a sustainable way to deal with unwanted furniture. Instead of disposing of it, the furniture can find a new home through the consignment process, giving it an extended lifespan and reducing its carbon footprint.

Why Consign Instead of Selling or Donating?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider furniture consignment over elimination or donation:

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– Earn profit: Consigning your furniture to a store allows you to earn a percentage of the sale price, which is often more than you would get if you were to sell or donate the furniture.
– A sustainable option: As we’ve mentioned, consignment is environmentally sustainable as it keeps furniture out of landfills and extends its life.
– Time and effort-saving: Selling or donating furniture can be time-consuming and tedious. Consigning simplifies the process as the store handles everything from pricing, advertising, to finalizing the sale.
– Potential to reach an audience: Furniture consignment stores often have a large customer base, which means your furniture will receive high visibility and attract potential buyers.

How Does Furniture Consignment Work?

The process of furniture consignment is pretty straightforward:

– Bring your furniture to a consignment store: The first step is to take your furniture to one of the consignment stores in Cedar Rapids. They will inspect your furniture, determine its value, and agree on the consignment percentage.
– Wait for your furniture to sell: Once your furniture is on display, you will wait for potential buyers to show interest. The store will handle the negotiation and sale process for you.
– Receive payment: When your furniture is sold, the store will give you a percentage of the sale price as agreed upon in advance.

It is essential to note that different consignment stores have varying policies and payment structures, so ensure you understand their terms before consigning your furniture.

What Kind of Furniture Can I Consign?

Most furniture consignment stores accept a wide range of furniture, including:

– Sofas, loveseats, and armchairs
– Dining tables and chairs
– Bedroom furniture
– Antique furniture
– Outdoor furniture

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However, consignment stores only accept furniture that is in good condition. Furniture must be free of stains, rips, and tears, and in good working order. It is also advisable to clean and polish the furniture before consigning it to give it the best chance of selling.

How Do I Price My Furniture?

One of the challenges that come with consignment is pricing your furniture. Consignment stores will always choose a fair value based on the current market demand, past sales history, condition, and age of the furniture. However, it is wise to have a general idea of the furniture value when taking it to the store. You can use various online resources to research furniture value.

It is essential to be realistic when pricing your furniture not to scare potential buyers away. Consignment stores often mark up furniture pricing to earn a profit for themselves, so you’re likely to get less than the actual price.

How Long Does Furniture Consignment Take?

The length of time that consignment takes varies depending on the store and the specific furniture piece. Some items may sell within days, while others may take several months. Furniture consignment is not a quick money-making venture. However, it is a sustainable and profitable way to deal with your unwanted furniture.

What Happens to My Furniture if It Doesn’t Sell?

If your furniture does not sell before the consignment period ends, the store may either extend the period or return the furniture to you. Most consignment stores have a policy that allows you to donate the furniture if it doesn’t sell as it takes up storage space.

Where Can I Find Furniture Consignment Stores in Cedar Rapids?

Cedar Rapids has a host of consignment stores with different furniture consignment services for a range of furniture pieces, including:

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– Goodwill
– Stuff
– Stuff Etc
– Bargain Barn
– Passion for Pots and Vintage


1. What type of furniture can I consign?
You can consign any furniture piece that is in good condition and in good resale value, including outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture, dinning furniture, antiques, loveseats, sofas, and armchairs.

2. What percentage of the sale price do consignment stores take?
Consignment stores usually take a percentage of the sale price ranging from 30% to 50%, depending on their policies.

3. Can I withdraw my furniture from consignment before the consignment period ends?
Some stores allow you to withdraw your furniture before the consignment period ends, while others have a policy against it. It’s advisable to read the agreement before consigning your furniture.

4. Can I sell my furniture for more than the recommended price?
Consignment stores prepare a recommended price tag for your furniture based on several factors. The store may not allow you to charge more or less than the recommended price for the furniture.

5. What happens to my furniture if it doesn’t sell within the consignment period?
Different stores have different policies. Some stores may extend the consignment period, while others may donate the furniture to charity or return the piece to the owner.

6. How long does consignment take?
The duration of consignment usually varies depending on various factors, such as the store and the furniture piece. Some items may sell within days, while others may take several months.

In Conclusion, Furniture consignment is an environmentally friendly and profitable way to deal with unwanted furniture. By taking the time to research and understand the consignment process, you can sell your furniture to a new owner while also earning some extra cash. If you are in Cedar Rapids, check out the various consignment stores available, and you might find the perfect home for your old furniture.