The Aesthete, Issue 6: Beauty In Symmetry

The Aesthete, Issue 6: Beauty In Symmetry

  • February 23, 2024

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Aesthete, where we explore the harmonious world of symmetry in interior design. There’s nothing more satisfying than a sense of order amidst the chaos. In this issue, we showcase a dining chair that challenges conventions and may start a rebellion at your dinner table, along with quirky kitchen stools that are sure to surprise even your morning cup of coffee. We also unveil a coaster set that mimics the movements of a crab, adding a playful twist to your furniture. Join us as we delve into these delights and more!


1. What is The Aesthete?
A: The Aesthete is a weekly publication focused on showcasing unique and visually appealing design elements and trends in interior design.

2. How often is The Aesthete published?
A: The Aesthete is published on a weekly basis.

3. Where can I find The Aesthete?
A: The Aesthete can be found on our website and can also be subscribed to for regular updates.

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