51 Small Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

51 Small Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

  • May 29, 2023

Looking to boost your productivity and creativity at home? A well-designed home office is just what you need to get started. Whether you have a small spare room, a corner, or just a tiny nook, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your space and encourage your best work. From incorporating natural light and neat storage to personalized d├ęcor, here are 51 small home office ideas to help you create a space that feels motivating and inspiring.

1. A mid-century modern chair and a beautiful mosaic tile floor treatment make stylish accompaniments to a wooden, box-frame home workspace design.

2. Make great use of a narrow nook with floating shelves and a freestanding desk that stop just short of an edge-to-edge glass door.

3. Covered balconies lend themselves well to small home office spaces and make sunny homes for an indoor plant or two. Complement your potted friends with an invigorating green-painted border.

4. Create a DIY desk and shelving unit to fit snugly into an uplifting, sunny corner of your home.

5. Tuck a small home office area into a wall of storage that also incorporates a cantilevered bed for extra space-saving abilities.

6. Fitting your home office with a wide, sliding door allows it to stand open to the living space without obstruction, making it especially beneficial for tinier offices that can feel claustrophobic or those lacking natural light.

7. Slice off part of a room with an inward-facing desk and stack shelves behind it, laying down a rug to define the space.

8. Place your desk up against a floor-to-ceiling window to feel more connected to the great outdoors.

9. Provide a practical solution when space is tight with a closet workspace and designer table lamp.

10. Apply panel molding behind your desk to fashion a classic aesthetic and add a vivid yellow desk and chair to complete the ensemble.

11. Construct an earthy wood-tone home office to build a feeling of calm and tranquility with a mini courtyard elevating the look.

12. Add a rest and contemplation area into a spare corner to step away from the desk, free the creative mind, and let new ideas form.

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13. Capitalize on vertical space by installing wall cabinets above the desk and adding extra units to keep the work surface clear of files and stationery supplies.

14. Create a modern home office feature wall with alternating lengths of stripwood that add interest to a plain space without being too visually distracting.

15. Make use of a spacious landing area by installing a made-to-measure desk that is wonderfully lit by a huge skylight sure to keep your energy high throughout the day.

16. Frame a double workspace with an elegant arch-shaped alcove and build shelves up inside of it to backlight them and create a cozy ambiance that will cheer your mood.

17. Assemble a minimalist setup when setting up shop in your bedroom that doesn’t upset the air of relaxation.

18. Maintain a tranquil bedroom decor scheme by camouflaging your home workspace into a wall of wardrobes, matching your workspace with identical material and making a desktop and shelves to match.

19. Lower the impact of a bulky black PC setup or cumbersome desk chair with a dark wall color like this deep shade of blue and introduce wood-tone elements to bring natural balance.

20. Surround a modern home office desk with botanical beauty to get out in nature and improve your mental health while at work.

21. Brighten up an industrial-style, concrete-clad home office with strips of radiant LED light, slimline shelving, and a chic desk chair.

22. Make cleaning the floors a breeze with floating desks that also create a more open aesthetic without the visual clutter of leg supports.

23. Personalize your home workspace with quirky elements that bring you joy, like this unique desk design and eye-catching desk chair that add bags of character to your tiny nook.

24. Warm greige paintwork provides a distraction-free backdrop, while a simple box shelf makes a neat spot to keep books and nicknacks off the desk.

25. Keep your small home office space organized with drawers that keep small stationery items in check.

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26. Create clear zoning around a small home office area by applying wood wall paneling and matching shelves on either side.

27. Tuck your home office space right behind the headboard with a hybrid headboard-desk design that puts work behind you when you hit the sheets.

28. Bring the feeling of color into your workspace with a wall of books that adds its own rainbow to the palette, paired with vibrant desk chairs and a flamboyant rug.

29. Match home office cabinetry and hardware to the kitchen installation for a cohesive look if the kitchen doubles as your workspace.

30. Install a pegboard wall to display plants and offer a flexible solution for home office shelving.

31. Integrate your pegboard wall into a set of floor-to-ceiling wall panels to build a seamless aesthetic.

32. Add an artistic twist to your home office with unique sculptural chairs and a fully tailored look with a wraparound layout in matching materials.

33. Align your desk area with a glass door to fuel morning work sessions with sunlight and pleasant views.

34. Merge your dark gray home office decor with a sophisticated living room for a smooth, moody aesthetic.

35. Build a sound barrier without blocking light share or truncating visual flow with a glass wall home office.

36. Don’t let lack of space stop you. Squeeze a small under-the-stairs home office under the low rise of the staircase that causes no problem above your desk.

37. Extend shelving around the full perimeter of a small corner home office to make sure you’re never short of space for books and plant babies.

38. Be inspired by the sweet romance of florals and a pastel color palette with a small shabby chic home office that hangs handwoven rugs, rattan decor pieces, and scatter terracotta pots to fashion a small boho-style home office.

39. Keep things fresh and simple with Scandinavian-style home office furniture and plenty of greenery to combat a workspace heavy with technology.

40. Minimize the irritation between coworkers in close quarters by decorating with a calming blue color palette and splitting a double workspace down the middle with a set of under-desk drawers.

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41. Make the split a little more solid between double workspaces with a full-height partition.

42. Fit lightweight blinds so that you can filter direct sunlight without plunging the room into total darkness when you have lots of windows in your home office.

43. Improve workspaces that look onto a flat wall with a gallery of inspirational images, using picture frames with glass to pleasantly reflect natural light and make you feel less closed in.

44. Black, white, and wood decor palettes make a no-nonsense home office decor aesthetic that can be sharpened and brightened with high-shine chrome desk chairs.

45. Build a central home office feature wall and complementary desk/storage unit with a moody, dark color for a sleek and modern look.

46. Add a playful design element to your workspace with a tube-style bookshelf that can be used to store books, files, and other items.

47. Brighten up your home office with a vibrant red desk and coordinating chair, paired with simple storage solutions and a minimalistic design.

48. Incorporate an open bookcase into your home office space for ample storage and display space, along with a sleek desk and modern decor accents.

49. Make use of small corners and awkward spaces with custom-built workstations and storage solutions, like the one shown here with a pull-out desk and wall-mounted cabinets.

50. Combine function and fashion with chic office decor that seamlessly blends into your existing decor, using unique lighting fixtures, art pieces, and plant life to add charm and style.

51. Keep your small home office organized and stylish with a simple white desk, matching filing cabinet, and a mix of bright colors and textures for a pop of personality.