top 10 luxury furniture brands in india

  • April 15, 2023

Top 10 Luxury Furniture Brands in India

Are you looking for luxurious furniture brands in India? India is home to a host of high-end furniture brands that cater to an eclectic range of styles and preferences. These luxurious furniture brands incorporate premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and awe-inspiring designs to create furniture pieces that transcend the passage of time. Whether you are renovating your home or decorating a new one, this list of top 10 luxury furniture brands in India can inspire you with ideas on how to create a sophisticated and elegant living space.

1. Raffles

Raffles is a high-end furniture brand that offers an array of exquisite designs, exceptional craftsmanship and top-quality materials. Their furniture range encompasses a vast range of styles including Colonial, Victorian, Italian, French and Art Deco. Raffles furniture creates a statement in any room, with premium wood, upholstery, metal and glass prevalent in their designs. Their attention to detail and functionality ensure that the furniture pieces blend seamlessly into your interior design. Raffles brings together a conglomeration of global design trends and traditions to give you an unforgettable and luxurious furnishing experience.

2. Beyond Designs

Beyond Designs is an innovative furniture brand that creates contemporary, chic pieces that are contemporary in design and superior in quality. Their furniture designs are characterized by sleek lines, stunning materials, and ethereal finishes. Beyond Designs specializes in creating bespoke furniture that can transform any room while reflecting the client’s personal style. Their attention to detail, use of the right textures, and colors make every piece of Beyond Design furniture timeless and exclusive.

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3. Studio Creo

Studio Creo is India’s leading furniture brand, specializing in contemporary designs. The brand offers exclusive and unique pieces that make a statement in any room. Their furniture range includes anything from sofas, chairs and dining tables. Their use of minimalist designs, clean lines and luxurious materials epitomize their collections. They use top-notch woods, metals, and fabrics such as leather and velvet to create superior quality pieces that last a lifetime. Studio Creo furnishings are best suited to contemporary and modern designs providing sophistication and elegance.

4. Stellar Global

Stellar Global is a luxury furniture brand, known for its high-end furniture designs that bring grandeur and lavishness to any interior. Their furniture range includes everything from handcrafted sofas, elegant chaises and ornate cabinets. Stellar Global creates eclectic, elegant and grandiose furniture designs that echo style, luxury and grandeur. The brand prides itself on sophistication, intricate details and aesthetic appeal, with top-of-the-range finishes and fabrication being their hallmarks.

5. Safomasi

Safomasi is a luxury textile brand based in New Delhi, which also designs sophisticated furniture pieces. They bring handcrafted designs, patterns, and colors to furniture, making them stand out in any room. The brand combines traditional Indian textures, prints and designs with contemporary sensibilities, creating a unique furniture range. These furniture pieces lend an element of Indian charm to any room, making them stand out with their splendor and elegance.

6. Sarita Handa

Sarita Handa is renowned for its craftsmanship and exquisite designs. The brand’s furniture design reflects a blend of modernity and traditionalism, making them exclusive and luxurious. Sarita Handa’s furniture range incorporates the use of the finest quality of materials, intricate details, and stunning finishes. They produce anything from plush sofas, stylish accent chairs to statement side tables, which radiate sophistication and elegance.

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7. Casa Paradox

Casa Paradox is a leading design and lifestyle brand that specializes in creating customized, high-end furniture pieces. The brand’s design philosophy includes a focus on continuity and fluidity, with a range of furniture lines that cater to all tastes. Casa Paradox creates statement pieces, including sofas, cabinets, beds, and chairs, that are both luxurious and chic. The brand is known for its innovative furniture designs that combine functionality, aesthetics, and creativity in ways unique to the brand.

8. Sanctum

Sanctum is a relatively new brand, created in 2020, but has made a name for itself in the luxury furniture space in India. They create sophisticated furniture pieces, making use of sleek lines, contemporary fabrics and elegant designs that add a distinctive character to your living space. The brand’s collection includes everything from elegant beds, plush sofas to statement pieces such as accent chairs and side tables. Whatever the style of furniture, Sanctum incorporates quality materials, excellent finishes and provides elegant solutions for luxurious living.

9. Fabindia

Fabindia is a well-known brand in India, known for creating luxury furniture pieces with an ethnic touch. The brand brings a unique blend of functionality and sophistication to their furniture range, with designs that incorporate local Indian elements into contemporary living spaces. Fabindia furniture pieces combine traditional and modern Indian expertise, with stunning finishes, textiles and use of materials ensuring that the furniture ranges stand out. The brand’s furniture range has a rustic and ethnic charm providing a unique statement piece for any room.

10. Saraf Furniture

Saraf Furniture is a leading high-end furniture brand, known for its superior quality, impeccable finishes, and sleek designs. The brand specializes in creating bespoke furniture pieces ranging from beds, dining tables, bookcases and more. Their furniture pieces reflect a modern yet sophisticated appeal, with clean lines, a hint of minimalism, and a focus on functionality. Saraf Furniture uses top-quality materials and finishes, with exquisite detailing and craftsmanship, creating a truly luxurious experience in the world of furniture.

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1. What distinguishes luxury furniture from regular furniture?

Luxury furniture generally features superior quality materials, intricate detailing, sophisticated designs, and superior finishes. Luxury brands produce unique pieces, have a high level of craftsmanship, and produce an overall unique experience.

2. Is luxury furniture worth the investment?

Luxury furniture can be an incredible investment, and pieces often appreciate in value. These pieces are made to last, and owning a piece of a luxury brand provides a distinct style advantage over others.

3. Are there any advantages to bespoke luxury furniture?

Custom made luxury furniture allows you to tailor your furniture according to your tastes and preferences, creating a more personal and unique living space. The designs are exclusive, made just for you, and reflect your lifestyle.

4. How do I select luxury furniture for my home?

When making decisions about luxury furniture, it’s essential to consider themes, colors, lighting, and other factors that impact the overall look of your living space. It’s best to pick high-quality pieces that reflect your taste, style, and preferences while adhering to your budget.

5. What materials are commonly used for luxury furniture designs?

Luxury furniture is manufactured using high-quality materials, including exotic woods, sophisticated metals, clear glass, rare fabrics like silk and velvet, and exotic leathers.

In conclusion, luxury furniture brands in India offer diversity in design, materials and finishes, catering for a wide range of styles and tastes. Whether it’s contemporary furniture you fancy or a more traditional style, these top 10 luxury furniture brands in India are guaranteed to provide inspiration and pave the way for your luxury living space.