what to spray on furniture to keep dogs from peeing

  • April 15, 2023

What To Spray On Furniture To Keep Dogs From Peeing

Dogs make for some of the cutest and most loving companions. But along with the joy they bring into our lives, they come with specific needs and tendencies that they cannot control. One such instance is when they pee on our furniture, which can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as anxiety, territorial behavior or not being able to hold it in any longer.

A perfect solution to stop your dogs from urinating on your furniture is to spray it with certain substances that mask odors and deter dogs from marking their territory. In this article, we will discuss some of the best sprays for furniture that you can use to keep your dogs from peeing. But before that, let’s look at some of the critical factors that lead to dogs peeing on furniture.

Factors that Lead to Dogs Peeing on Furniture

Unless addressed properly, dogs may repeatedly urinate on your furniture, which can damage it and create a situation of perpetual cleaning. Below are some of the factors that can cause your dogs to pee on your furniture:

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Territorial Behavior

Dogs are territorial animals and perceive their environment as their territory. If they feel that their space is being threatened or usurped, they may mark their territory with urine. This behavior may become more common if there are other dogs in the house or if you have recently moved or remodeled the house.


Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or exhibit stress or fear tend to urinate in areas that they have designated as their resting spots. This may include your furniture, and you may notice that they have only gone to certain areas and not others.


Older dogs or those affected by specific medical conditions like kidney problems may face difficulty in holding their bladder. They may not be able to make it to the designated spot on time and end up peeing on furniture.

Lack of Training

Dogs that haven’t been house-trained or have been trained poorly tend to pee indoors, especially in rooms where owners spend the most time, like the living room or bedroom.

What to Spray on Your Furniture to Keep Dogs from Peeing?

Now that we have looked at the factors that may prompt dogs to urinate on furniture, let’s go through some of the sprays that may help prevent that behavior:


White vinegar is regarded as one of the most effective sprays when it comes to keeping dogs away from your furniture. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply the solution generously over the affected area. The smell of vinegar is offensive to dogs and masks the previous scent marking of urine. Once sprayed, it is recommended to let the solution sit for a few minutes, and then clean the area with a cloth or paper towel.

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Citrus Essential Oils

Most dogs are not fond of the strong smell of citrus, making essential oils like lemon or orange ideal for keeping your pet away from your furniture. Mix a few drops of essential oil with water and spray the solution over the affected area. Additionally, you can also place some citrus peels in the corners or on furniture where your dog frequently marks with urine. As the smell of citrus dissipates, reapply or refresh the peel.

Alcohol-Based Sprays

Alcohol is regarded as an excellent solvent for various organic materials, including urine. Mix equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol in a bottle and spray it generously over the affected furniture. Leave the solution on for a few minutes and then wipe it clean. Alcohol-based sprays not only neutralize odors but also help to remove any stains and marks.

Baking Soda Spray

Baking soda is considered an excellent neutralizing agent and helps to remove all kinds of smells, including that of urine. Mix baking soda with water and place the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the affected furniture and let it sit for a few hours. Baking soda will absorb any leftover smells and may require some vacuuming or brushing to remove residue.

Commercial Sprays

Several commercial sprays are available that are specifically designed to keep dogs away from your furniture. These sprays contain various natural or synthetic scents that mask the smell of urine and discourage dogs from marking their territory. You can use these sprays on your furniture as well as other indoor spaces.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

Hydrogen peroxide is another excellent disinfectant and neutralizing agent that can be used against urine stains and smell. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and place it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the affected furniture to remove the smell and sanitize the area.

FAQs: What to Spray On Furniture To Keep Dogs From Peeing

Q. Is it safe for my dogs to spray things like vinegar or citrus essential oils?

A. Both vinegar and citrus essential oils are safe for dogs and will not harm them. However, it is essential to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any allergies to the scent.

Q. How frequently should I apply spray to keep my dogs off furniture?

A. Depending on the behavior of your dog, you may need to reapply spray frequently, especially if you notice their marking repeatedly.

Q. Should I only use vinegar if my dog has peed on my furniture?

A. Vinegar is an excellent neutralizing agent and can be used regularly to keep dogs from marking their territory. It is recommended to spray vinegar or any other alternative before your dog urinates on the furniture or marks the spot again.

Q. Can I use any alcohol to make alcohol-based sprays?

A. No, you should use isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, which is safe for pets and people, in alcohol-based sprays.


Dogs bring infinite joy into our lives, but they do come with specific habits and needs that require attention. One such behavior is urinating on furniture, which may be due to several different factors. Using the right spray can be an excellent way to prevent them from marking their territory without having to compromise on freedom of movement or emotional support. Thus, we recommend trying out some of the sprays mentioned above to keep your furniture free from urine and your dogs happily exploring their den.