A Calm Home Interior To Promote A Healthy Mind Reset

A Calm Home Interior To Promote A Healthy Mind Reset

  • April 29, 2023

If you’re looking for a home that exudes peace and tranquility, then look no further than this stunning 120-square-meter sanctuary designed by Format Design. With an emphasis on clean, cozy spaces that are filled with natural light, this home is the perfect place to rest and reset your mind, particularly after challenging periods of work and interaction.

Rather than relying on complex embellishments, this home is all about simplicity and serenity. The excess elements that can clutter a space have been removed, ensuring an easy flow both physically and visually. From the inviting living space to the luxurious ensuite bedrooms, this home is designed to help you escape from the noise and chaos of the outside world so you can fully recharge for the next day.

The living room is a modest space that feels spacious thanks to the light color scheme and large, dual-aspect windows that let natural light flood in. A Bauhaus cowhide chaise lounge chair adds a touch of pattern and personality to the room, and is a Le Corbusier LC4 replica. Black track lights stylishly divide the headboard feature wall in the first bedroom, creating a linear design with a concealed purpose, while two bedroom rugs overlap to create a softly textured combo with a gently contrasting tone in the second bedroom.

In the kitchen, a sleek island serves as a formal dining room divider while also doubling as a casual breakfast bar. Wooden kitchen units provide ample storage space while seamlessly blending into the rest of the home’s wooden features. The bespoke, floating entryway bench curves around the front door, providing an attractive and comfortable seating area for guests.

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Each ensuite bathroom in this serene sanctuary is designed to resemble a spa, with luxurious fixtures and elegant accents. With a round bathtub, a curved bathroom vanity, and modern wall sconces, this space is perfect for fully decompressing and relaxing.

Overall, this home is a perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life, with plenty of natural light, clean lines, and soothing tones that promote a healthy mind reset.