The Simple Serenity of Soft Minimalism

The Simple Serenity of Soft Minimalism

  • April 29, 2023

Looking for a way to transform your home into a peaceful oasis? Look no further than minimalism. This design aesthetic and lifestyle philosophy is all about simplicity and serenity, offering a way to declutter your space and your mind. And while many people think of minimalism as a cold, stark style with lots of white space, there are plenty of ways to embrace this philosophy while still keeping things warm and inviting.

Take a look at two homes that have embraced soft minimalism, with warm beige decor and rounded edges that create a welcoming, family-oriented feel. These homes feature open-plan living spaces filled with natural light, unique style, and simple luxuries that offer a sense of calm and tranquility.

The first example is a 220-square-meter minimalist interior designed for a young family and their daughter in Slovenia. The open-plan space features a long beige sofa that offers plenty of room to relax and spread out, with a large area rug for added comfort.

An elegant black floor lamp offers task lighting over the lounge seating arrangement, while a huge edge-to-edge window brings in abundant natural light. Beige drapes softly frame the wide view, creating a sense of tranquility and serenity.

The living space also includes a formal dining area with a large wooden dining table and matching chairs that can accommodate up to eight people. Two modern white dining room pendant lights provide even illumination along the rectangular dining table, and the wood and beige kitchen installation and breakfast bar complete the space.

Moving into the entryway, a stylish home entryway is fashioned with a curvaceous ottoman, a floating wooden console unit, and a trendy arched mirror. A built-in bench integrates with a wall of storage units, while a mirrored panel reflects natural light into the rear of the hallway.

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In the master bedroom, a beige upholstered bed is teamed with a stone headboard panel to build a luxe, bespoke look. Brass wall sconces direct reading light over each side of the bed, while a narrow but bright dressing room is situated behind the headboard wall. The full-length mirror sews a familiar style thread with the arched mirror in the home entryway.

The modern kid’s room is a large space, made to look even larger by a wide, frameless, arched mirror. An opposite side of the kid’s room, a swivel chair pulls up to a unique desk and window seat combo, and soft pink cushioning wraps around the kid’s bed.

In the downstairs shower room, a chrome bathroom faucet arches in front of a full-length vanity mirror, with a floating vanity unit slicing across the custom-cut glass. A frameless shower screen maintains the visual depth of the room without visual clutter.

Our second soft minimalist home interior is defined by an abundance of curves, with a curved sofa featuring a cutaway back to open up a glorious green view. A spiral staircase twists down into the open-plan living space, creating a striking feature, and beside it, a stunning kitchen island draws curves of its own.

Solid balustrades give the staircase design a clean look, while a beige living room rug pulls together the lounge furniture arrangement. A beige-paneled focal wall features an attractive curved edge, which complements the sweeping staircase.

The formal dining area is framed by the restful view of mature trees and a lush lawn, and this home truly embodies the beauty and simplicity of soft minimalism.

No matter which home you choose or how you incorporate minimalism into your life, the goal is to create a serene, peaceful environment that helps you feel calm, focused, and centered. By embracing the principles of simplicity, calmness, and tranquility, you can create a beautiful, restful home that feels just as good as it looks.